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UK Broadband Providers: An Overview

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The internet services you receive from the nation's internet service providers (ISPs) vary massively. There are providers that offer fast and reliable internet connection, and there are some that offer very slow and unreliable connection. With so many ISPs in Britain, it can be very difficult for a user to know which service provider to go for. In this article, you are going to learn more about UK broadband providers which will make it easier for you to choose the best one for you.

BT Group

BT Group is the oldest and most common internet service provider in Britain. The history of this company dates back to the year 1846. In this year a company known as Electric Telegraph Company was launched. The broadband service of the company used to be known as BT Yahoo!, BT Openworld and BT Total Broadband. The fact that this company stood the test of time is a true testament to the quality of services you can expect from them. Since BT Group is the oldest and most popular broadband service provider in Britain, it offers the most coverage. The company's services are available throughout the UK, and it even supports some of the varied internet packages.

BT Group is one of the few ISPs in the UK that offer 12GB and 25GB packages. Other providers start at 17MB which not so many people need. Therefore, if you are not a heavy internet user and you only use your internet to check emails, you would be better going for these smaller packages instead of the bigger packages offered by the company's competitors.

BT Group is also famous for its fibre optic broadband services which are sold under BT Infinity brand. With fibre optic broadband, you can get a speed of up to 75Mb of speed which makes it perfect for gamers and users who would like to stream a lot of videos online. Most of BT contracts are offered for 18 months, but they also have a 12-month contract.

EE Limited

EE limited is a part of the BT Group and is the largest and most advanced broadband service provider in the UK. This company delivers both fixed and mobile communication services. The company was established in the year 2010 as an equally joined venture between Orange S.A. and Deutsche Telekom trough the merger of their respective Orange and T-Mobile businesses. EE limited is one of the largest service providers in te UK with more than 30 million customers. It is currently the largest operator of 4G internet services in Britain. Therefore, if you are a heavy internet user, you would really benefit from the company's 4G internet services. The company is constantly making efforts to ensure their 4G services are available even in the remote areas of the UK. This has made it possible for more and more people to access fast internet connection. EE Limited is a very reliable company and you can be assured of high-quality services from this company. Apart from internet services, EE Limited also provides IPTV services through EE TV box.


Luminet was founded back in the year 2004 by Sasha Williamson. The company started as Urban Wimax. At the time, it was providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective and secure connections for video, voice and data. From the time Luminet was started, the company owned everything independently. They did not rely on internet service provider's fibre optic cables, electronic exchanges or copper wires. This degree of power, flexibility and control made it possible for the company to provide outstanding data services. Since the company employs both fibre optic and wireless technologies, they are able to provide 100% availability through their combined 'Always On' service. This company normally provides services and network intelligence normally only available to enterprises. The price point and total cost of ownership are designed for small businesses. Therefore, if you are running a business that requires an internet connection, Luminet would be a great service provider for you. Their services are reliable, affordable and you get to enjoy a decent internet connection. The only downside of this company is the fact that their services are not available in some parts of the UK.

Origin Broadband

Origin Broadband is an internet service provider that specialises in providing wholesale and consumer internet connectivity including ADSL2+, FTTC, wireless 'point to point' systems, general fixed line and leased line telecommunication services. The company also offers remote backup storage, website hosting and co-location services which are available through the company's secure data centre. Currently, Origin broadband is the 6th largest internet service provider in the UK. This award-winning internet service provider was started by two students who hoped to solve the local internet connection problems back int he year 2011. They started by providing services through Digital Region's fibre optic infrastructure. In the beginning, the student's efforts did not pay off as they had hoped. In fact, they failed miserably. However, later, the company grew to become one of the best internet service providers in the UK. Today, Origin Broadband aims at providing high-quality services without having to source any technologies overseas. This independence is what has enabled the company to grow very fast. The company offers one of the most reliable and fast internet services in the UK today. Whether you are a heavy internet user or an occasional user, you would really benefit from their internet services.


Co-op is a consumer cooperative in the UK that provides mobile telephone, internet, fixed, internet service, broadband and web hosting services. The customer members own 100% of the corporation, and they share in the profits. It is currently the only telephone cooperative in the UK. In the year 2015, the cooperation was awarded the UK customer facing social enterprise of the year award. Co-op was founded in the year 1998 by Social Economy Telecommunications Cooperative (SETCO). Initially, members were only from charities or other cooperation. In 1999, the rules changed and allowed members of the public to join as members. It is in the same year that the company took on the name 'Co-op'. This made it possible for many people to join the cooperation and make a passive income. Most people love it because it not only provides great broadband services but also provides the opportunity for members to earn profits. It might not be the best ISP for a heavy internet user but it is a great service provider if you are looking to join the cooperation and utilise their services.

Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband is a digital TV provider that also provides home phone and broadband services. Sky Broadband services are provided by Sky UK. Sky UK is one of the leading internet service providers in Britain. The company was known as BskyB when it entered the broadband sector. In October 2005, the company bought out the EasyNet internet service provider for £211 million. EasyNet was one of two companies that had made a large investment in local loop unbundling. The acquisition granted Sky access to 232 unbundled telephone exchanges. The acquisition made Sky Limited grow at a very fast rate. The company continued to grow at a very fast rate. By July 2012 they had over 4 million customers. In March 2013, Sky Limited bought out Telefonica UK for £200 million of which £20 was to be paid after customers had been transferred. The transfer process was completed in the year 2014. This is another move that has greatly contributed to the growth of the company. Sky Broadband is also among the top internet service providers in the UK with a very fast and reliable internet connection. They have very good customer reviews about the quality of services they provide. However, their broadband services haven't worked very well for heavy internet users.


TalkTalk is a company that provides mobile network, internet access, telecommunications and pay television services to businesses and consumers the United Kingdom. The company was started back in 2003 as a subsidiary of Carphone warehouse. In 2010, the company was demerged as a stand-alone company. Originally, the company only provided fixed line telephony services. Today, TalkTalk offers mobile and fixed telephony and broadband services to UK consumers under the TalkTalk brand. The TalkTalk business brand offers mobile and fixed telephony and broadband services to businesses in Britain. Like most internet service providers in the UK, TalkTalk does not rely on overseas infrastructure. Instead, this company has its own infrastructure. Their infrastructure is known as local-loop-unbuilding (LLU). Since the year 202, TalkTalk has been UK's second quadruple play service following Virgin Media.

Many UK residents have rated TalkTalk as the worst internet and landline service provider in the United Kingdom. Their internet connection is very slow and very unreliable especially if you live in the rural areas. Therefore, if you are a heavy internet user or you rely on the internet for your daily tasks, TalkTalk would not be a great internet service provider for you.

Virgin Media

Virgin media offers broadband internet, mobile and fixed telephone and television services. Since June 2013, this company has been Liberty Global plc's subsidiary. The company was founded in March 2006 by the merger of NTL and Telewest NTL. In July 2006, NTL: Telewest bought out Virgin Mobile UK making it the first quadruple play company in the United Kingdom offering fixed line telephone, mobile phone, the television and internet services. In the year 2007, all the services offered by were rebranded under the name Virgin Media. Virgin Media has its own fibre optic network. However, the network does not reach customer premises, it currently only reaches street cabinets. However, this is expected to change in the near future considering that fibre optic broadband is becoming quite popular in the UK. Making their fibre network available to customers would create a lot of profits for the company. Virgin Media is currently one of the best internet service providers in the United Kingdom. It covers most areas of the UK and provides a faster and more reliable connection compared to other service providers in the United Kingdom. Therefore, customers and businesses would definitely benefit from the services provided by Virgin Media.


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