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If you’re a student studying in the United Kingdom, then you must be aware that broadband connectivity is an absolute essential. Whether you use it to research your assignments or catching up with the latest episode of “Game of Thrones,” having a constant internet connection is very much part of today's’ student culture as a typewriter was to writers and reporters of yesteryear.

Lecturers are using it too as a way of keeping in touch with students because they know the resources available far outmatch their traditional methods of preparing lecture notes.

What is student broadband?

Although broadband tailored for students does not grant one exclusive access to any different services than what’s available nationwide, the deals are often low-cost, downloads are more generous and offer greater flexibility than packages available to ordinary consumers. So, student-friendly broadband contracts are available for cash-strapped students.

If you’re new in university and possibly unfamiliar with setting up a broadband connection, there are a few issues you need to get familiar with before deciding what broadband speed you should be looking at. This will also apply to usage because it can break your back to run out of bandwidth just as you’re about to submit that all important assignment.

Why does a student need internet?

Technology is everywhere, entwined in every aspect of a student’s life and students in the UK use the internet for research on essays or social media, gaming, and Netflix streaming. With internet access, students equipped with laptops, tablets, and smartphones can at the tap of a finger access a vast universe of educational materials and opportunities for collaboration and research. They can dig deep and browse widely. They can become brilliant students, and they can extend this to helping their families with some civic tasks ranging from locating healthy foods online, finding doctors and researching and simplifying government programs and policies.

What lack of access to broadband means

While some students enjoy unlimited broadband access and other digital technologies, there is quite a huge bunch of students, just as brilliant and with enormous potential for superb careers, who struggle to learn even the basics of a computer, due to economic disparities. These students usually are likely to face huge disadvantages due to:

Apart from the stress emanating from lack of accomplishment due to lack of access to broadband, that many students encounter, it forms a huge dent in their professional lives as they grow older, and it can affect the entire country as a whole. A generation of disgruntled youth with huge discrepancies in their ability to utilise hi-tech fluently will set the United Kingdom up to becoming less competitive than other tech-savvy countries.

How students can save money by sharing broadband

It’s important to consider how many students will be sharing your internet connection. You can split the cost and apply for a monthly broadband package that will supply a monthly download allowance. Also, note that download speeds decrease if the number of students increases. So, shared student quarters may require higher download speeds.

While sharing broadband can be pocket-friendly to a lot of students with a cash crunch, it’s important to appreciate each other’s tastes and sensibilities. For instance, if one student is streaming music upstairs, and another is playing games in the living room, and you’re engrossed on your keyboard trying to get that assignment done, it can lead to bottlenecks and arguments.

In the UK, Virgin Media recently launched the popular Freedom Broadband, with speeds up to 240Mb and costs £50 per month. This is one example of how students can save money by sharing broadband. Two other ISPs (Internet Service Providers), British Telecom and Sky also offer specific, and student packages and they are some of the biggest providers in the country. British Telecom and Virgin Media also provide fibre optic broadband, while Sky only provides standard broadband or ADSL.

One big difference between student broadband and other packages is the nine-month contract length. The big plus is that you don’t have to pay for a 12-month broadband package if you’re out on summer holidays.

Why shared bandwidth makes high speeds affordable

When a group of students split the monthly cost of student broadband, it should be possible to afford a fast connection. Broadband contracts from ISPs are issued in one name only. And the onus of paying the bills falls to that person. So, work out among yourselves who’s going to be responsible for the bundle or broadband package and ensure that there are always sufficient funds in the account to pay the bill when it arrives.


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