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Smart Technology and the Internet

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Smart home technology has increasingly gained popularity, over the last few years. Smart home devices are designed to create more convenience to your everyday life. This technology has already taken off and the will be more advancements in the years to come. Deloitte UK has credited the growth of the smart technology in the UK to the peak smartphone. For example, by mid-2016 a whooping two-thirds of UK residents had access to the use of a tablet.

However, for all these devices to function properly, they must have a strong broadband connection.

Smart Technology

A few years back, the only automated homes you would come across are those owned by engineers and very wealthy individuals. Sometimes, you would come across a few devices created by students in university labs. Smart tech is now being more commonplace and readily available at reasonable prices.

Archos Weather Station is one of the devices to be recently launched. The company manufactures various connected devices. The weather station is one of their best inventions. This device allows you to monitor your home environment via the Archos app.

In addition, it gives you accurate weather forecasts for your area. It connects to your Wi-Fi network and measures temperature, air quality, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, air quality and carbon dioxide levels. Your smart home will also alert you when your home requires airing.

There is also the Kohler Numi Toilet, which costs approximately £5000. Although it might be might be beyond your budget, it will soon become affordable to the average consumer. Are you wondering how smart technology can be integrated into the toilet? Well, this device, which features motion-activated hands-free operation, comes with an inbuilt deodorizer and dryer, heated foot and seat area, Bluetooth speakers and ambience lighting.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a voice controlled system, designed and created by Amazon. It allows you to speak to it and your wishes are fulfilled. It can fulfil simple commands like dimming your lights or playing music tracks. It can also turn the device into a streaming audio player through Spotify and the likes

With such a wide range of functionalities, the Echo has turned into one of the biggest smart home devices. With Amazon Echo, you can accomplish various tasks at home, without having to move from your sitting position. Furthermore, it does not require any activation button to start responding to commands. You simply say the trigger word, and your wish will be granted.

Nest Thermostat

Nest is a home automation company, which was acquired by Google. The thermostat comes from an excellent line of home automation products, including the Nest Protect smoke alarm and a home security camera. This device features a larger screen and a slimmer profile, as compared to its predecessors. It uses built-in sensors to control your cooling and heating system.

It adjusts the temperature automatically, saving you significant costs, when it comes to utility bills. Apart from its auto-adjustment, you can also make manual tweaks and settings, based on your preferences. The Nest Thermostat uses your home internet connectivity, to carry out its commands. This means that you should have a strong home internet connection, to allow sharing among the numerous devices at home.

Smart Coffee Machines

Nothing beats a perfect cup of coffee in the morning. However, most people find it hard to drag themselves out of bed and prepare that perfect cup of coffee. The good news is, there are coffee makers that you can control straight from your phone. Imagine pressing a button without leaving your bed, and waking up to a delicious cup of coffee. All that is made possible by smart coffee machines.

With these coffee makers, you can control the timing of your coffee, with a timer on your smart phone. For instance, you can fill the coffee machine with water before bedtime, and your coffee maker will have a hot cup of coffee when you wake up. With smart coffee makers, you can prepare a cup of coffee, even without leaving bed.

Final Word

Smart home technology, has added a certain degree of convenience to our lives. Most of them are hands-free, which means that you don’t have to stop preparing your food, just to start the music player. Smart home devices can do all these things for you. However, they rely on internet or broadband connectivity. Therefore, you need to have a strong connection in your home for these devices to operate.


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