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Waitrose Broadband is part of the John Lewis brand. Many people are familiar with John Lewis for its other offerings, but they are not so familiar with Waitrose broadband. The names are often used interchangeably. John Lewis is a department store with a couple of products that were created to turn it into a one-stop shop. Most people who find themselves with a Waitrose broadband offering have come across it on their way to doing something, they trust whatever the part company offers.

The History of Waitrose Broadband

The origins of the Waitrose brand go as far back as 1904 when Wallace Wyndham Waite and Arthur Rose partnered with David Taylor to open a store in Acton. They were able to offer a wide range of products to the customer. Their high quality and standards helped them grow quickly. When Taylor left after two years, Wallace and Rose formed Waitrose Ltd in 1908.

John Lewis was founded in 1864 when it opened its first drapery store on Oxford street. John Lewis went on the blazes trail in the retail industry acquiring a number of businesses like Jessop & Son, Knight & Lee, Cole Brothers, George Henry Lee, Trewins, Robert Sable and Selfridge Provincial stores to create a conglomerate that would be everything to all customers.

The Waitrose brand itself was bought in 1944. All these brands remained true to their original visions and products. Waitrose is still a grocery store, a bigger one with over 350 stores in the UK. The brand name is as recognisable in the UK as Target is in the US. Waitrose/ John Lewis broadband is relatively a new company. It was launched in 2012 after getting into a partnership deal with Plusnet. Plusnet would look after the technical aspect of the broadband offering and John Lewis would handle customer services.

Who is Waitrose's Target Customer?

Waitrose and John Lewis are known for quality products and low prices. The brands have successfully targeted middle-class customers successfully over the years. People trust the brands to deliver on their expectations and they have. Most people find the one-stop shop idea convenient and it's easy to see why. You can shop for groceries and pay your broadband bill in the same place. The brands also have legendary customer service experience so you know customer problems are handled as high priority queries to be resolved as soon as possible.

There are a lot of people who require the internet, but not all of them are familiar with the technology. They would prefer to use a brand that's been around for over a century. People trust Waitrose and the fact that the broadband company's technical aspects are handled by an established tech company, helps many prospective customers feel good about walking into Waitrose and getting that broadband package. In keeping with the ideal of making the customer happy by providing convenience, Waitrose and John Lewis also offer online customers a chance to sign up and manage their accounts online. Waitrose / John Lewis broadband is the ideal product for anyone looking for a simple broadband package from a company with a reputation of being the best at offering quality products at reasonable prices.

Waitrose Broadband Deals

Waitrose offers a broadband deal that is simple to understand. There are three main packages available, namely: Unlimited ASDL, Fibre package and Fibre Extra package. Waitrose packages include line rental which makes it easier and simpler for the customer to start using.

1. The Unlimited ASDL package comes with the line rental and delivers speeds of up to 17mbps. There is no cap set, usage is unlimited.

2. The Fibre package offers speeds of up to 38mbps and unlimited usage.

3. Fibre Extra package is the premium offer. It has unlimited usage and speeds of up to 76mbps. Speeds may vary on all three, depending on where you live, always make sure to get a clear answer about the speeds in your postcode before you sign up.

What's To Like About Waitrose Broadband?

The packages are straightforward. Waitrose knows its customer well enough to know that they just want something straightforward and simple. Waitrose does not have those pesky 'additional features' that hide things from customers.

Unlimited usage means users can be on the internet to as long as they want without having to pay extra.

What's Not To Like About Waitrose broadband?

There are a few niggling issues about Waitrose:

- It might have a simple pricing structure, but it is not the cheapest broadband on the market. The target customer for Waitrose is middle-class customers with a bit of disposable income.

- Waitrose is still relatively new which means it is only just experiencing its teething problems. Did earning customers might be a bit apprehensive to sign with a company that has such a short history. The brands itself may get customers who are loyal to it, but brand loyalty might not be enough.

- Waitrose has no other option but broadband. Customers have to take a home phone package. This seems a little backwards, especially now that so many people are adopting mobile cellular technology.

In Conclusion

Waitrose as a subsidiary of John Lewis has maintained its ethics and reputation for great quality and excellent service. The reputation might earn new customers, but discerning broadband users might approach Waitrose with more caution. Having Plusnet as a technology partner helps, but some people would ask: why not skip all that and go to a direct company that specialises in broadband instead of going through Waitrose, which is more like a general dealer? The answer would be convenience. People like having a single place where they can do everything they need to instead of having to go from one store to another. People who simply want to switch to broadband and aren't too bothered with the technicalities might find Waitrose to be the ideal company.


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