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TenTel is a telecommunications company headquartered in Caledonian Exchange, 19a Canning Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. It was incorporated in 2013 and started operations in 2014 with initial 50,000 customers. The company is growing quite fast and is aiming to spread throughout the United Kingdom.

The company initially employed only 50 staff but announced soon after its launch that it would create over 40 jobs after a £170,000 Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) grant. It is not clear now how many employees TenTel has but from the look of things, the telecommunications firm is on the right track. It now even provides broadband and home phone services to a section of Scottish families.

Services Provided By TenTel Limited

The company specialises in short-term broadband, television and phone packages for residential students and tenants. Here is a synopsis of what TenTel offers its valued customers:

1. Hello Broadband

Hello broadband is one of the most affordable networks Scotland. The company offers flexible, short-term (6-month short term) or no-contract unlimited for as low as for just £22.49 per month or £19.49 per month for 40GB (line rental is included). This is among the cheapest broadband bundles in the entire UK, a fact that could explain the growth spurt of this young company. The services are as follows:

· Hello broadband 5: This package costs £18.99 per month with monthly 5GB allowance and download speeds of 17Mb/s (line rental is included).

· Hello Broadband 40: The package costs £19.49 per month then £22.99 per month after 6 months with 40MB allowance and download speeds of 17Mb/s (line rental is included).

· Hello Broadband Unlimited: You pay £22.49 per month (rental line included) then £28.99pm after 6 months with speeds of 17Mb/s.

TenTel offers their customers a free router and will also deliver it for free. All the broadband bundles feature no cancellation fees. You need to keep some things in mind to be on the safe side:

· The phrase free router applies for the duration of the broadband service only. Not returning the router after the cancellation of the service, which will attract some fee.

· Free connection does not apply to no-contract packages. You may be required to pay £65 for a New Line Installation for all types of contract packages.

· No contract packages will attract set-up fee of £35.

· If you use data in excess of the monthly allowance you are offered, TenTel will charge you an amount equivalent to their standard broadband data costs.

2. Hello Broadband + TV

TenTel has collaborated with Roku to provide their subscribers with stop channels including Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Sky Sports, NOW TV, ITV Hub, YouTube, Demand 5 and other standard channels. This broadband TV is easy to use. All you do is plug it in, connect to your network and it will begin streaming right away. The company has the following Roku offers:

· Roku Stick: the package costs £24.99 (recommended retail price £49.99). The stick is powerful, small size and portable. It is HDMI compatible, plays up to 1080p High-Definition video and built-in wireless dual-band. It also comes with point everywhere remote.

· Roku 2: The high performance, great value package costs £54.99 (recommended retail price £69.99. It is HDMI-compatible and has super fast High-Definition optimised processor; USB, Ethernet, and microSD card slots; Plays up to 1080p HD video and has Built-in wireless dual-band.

· Roku 3: This is a high-performance package with added features. It costs £79.99 (RRP £99.99). It features HDMI compatibility with the capability to play up to 1080p video. Has Ethernet, USB, and microSD card slots, Fast HD optimised processor, point everywhere remote control and Built-in wireless dual-band. It also has remote with a headphone jack to enable you to listen in privacy.

These are great offers but you need to know that some channels require payment and that channel availability may change depending on your location. Furthermore, Roku 2 and 3 only work HDTVs featuring and HDMI port, and HDMI cable is not included in the package. Finally, you need to know that availability of 1080p HD video limited by the speed of broadband connection and your TV channel provider.

3. Hello Broadband + Calls

TenTel offers low-cost phone bundles. You can call your family, friends, schoolmates or workmates easily and maintain your monthly phone bills at the lowest level. The company offers four different calls bundles from which you can choose what suits you and your family. Here are the offers:

· Hello Calls 60: This bundle will cost you £2.50 per month and comes with 60 minutes monthly allowance. There are no connection charges.

· Hello Calls 100: You will pay £4.00 per month and enjoy 100 minutes monthly allowance. There are no connection charges.

· Hello Calls 200: TenTel will require you pay £6.00 per month and enjoy a whopping 200 minutes monthly allowance. You will not pay any connection charges.

· Hello Calls Unlimited: The bundle will cost you £7.50 per month and make unlimited calls. No connection fees are payable.

Apart from the offers above, TenTel has Add-ons that allows you to cut calls you make to mobiles by 50% by paying £2.50 per month. Each bundle also includes 100 minutes of calls to selected international destinations at a cost of £6.00 per month. The last Add-on offer allows you to make unlimited minutes to selected international destinations. You need to remember that calls in excess of your monthly allowance will attract standard call charges.


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