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Benefits of Fast Broadband For Busines

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High-speed broadband is a powerful tool that can increase your business productivity and profitability. The use of the internet for your business is likely to increase performance by getting the most out of your business. A good business broadband will streamline your business activities, improve communication and reduce operational costs. It also offers you security and some extra services that will boost your business. Generally, high-speed broadband provides you with improved download and upload speeds, reliable service and increased business opportunities in the UK. In choosing such a broadband, you need to know the essential requirements as well as the benefits you will get from it.

Essential Features of Business Broadband

Regardless of the size of your business, there are essential features you should be able to get with a business broadband. They include:

1. Speeds - setting up your business on the internet requires that you get a faster internet connection. Most broadband deals offer faster speeds of between 17 Mb and 76 Mb. If your business requires heavy internet usage, you can still get speeds of up to 10 Gb. The upload speeds for business broadband are much faster than those of the consumer broadband. The speeds within the UK may vary slightly depending on the location of the business and the distance from a telephone exchange or a local street cabinet.

2. Support - availability of faster and reliable internet at all times is a priority for any business. A good broadband should, therefore, guarantee you a better level of support whenever there is a problem with your connection. With a business broadband, you will have access to specialist support centre and engineers at any time of the day.

3. Security - Internet use exposes your business to some level of security threats from other internet users. A reliable broadband should, therefore, provide you with a comprehensive security package that protects your business from a range of security threats. These threats include viruses and malware, infected USB drives and phishing scams and hackers. Considering the safety of your business, you may need to do some additional subscriptions to get these security features.

4. Web presence - most broadband packages will offer you web hosting, domain names and email address features for your business. You are therefore guaranteed of basic web presence when you acquire a business broadband. Just in case you need more presence online than that provided by the basic package, you can specify during the initial purchase.

5. Bandwidth sharing - the number of people sharing a network bandwidth is relatively lower for a business broadband as compared to a consumer broadband. The contention ratio which refers to the number of people sharing a bandwidth is in the region of 5:1 or even lower depending on your package.

Benefits of Using Business Broadband

A faster internet connection gives you a greater capacity to share data electronically. A reliable broadband will ensure your files are uploaded and downloaded much faster. The emails will also be received and sent much quicker, which may be key to your business especially if you are handling large sets of data on a regular basis. Fast speeds will significantly improve your business performance. It will also lead to a development of new business models, access to new markets, improved customer relations and operational savings. It will also give your business a unique selling point and hence a competitive advantage in the market. Some of the benefits include:

1. Remote working - with a faster broadband you can work in a more flexible way. You can for instance work from home or from another office. This will lead to increased productivity, reduced travel expenses and improved employee satisfaction. This will save you cost in the long term. You can, for instance, allow your employees to access the network using a virtual private network and still work from their remote locations in the same way they would have worked in the office.

2. Cloud computing - Cloud computing will play a great role in your business by providing back-up services, security and accessibility. It will also save you cost as you don't need to invest in an ICT hardware and software. Cloud computing allows you to store data and applications remotely in a virtual data centre. Some of the basic cloud services include Facebook and Hotmail. The modern day business requires cloud-based services such as Google Docs, Office365 (word processors, spreadsheets, email and calendars) and customer relationship management system.

3. Mailing expenses - using a broadband connection for your business will enable easier communication with your clients through email and other related online networking tools. These tools include discussion boards, social networking sites and chat rooms. This will generally eliminate traditional mailing methods and the costs associated with them.


Business broadband has revolutionised operations within most businesses in the UK. Businesses can now use basic communication systems like Skype for constant communication with clients and stakeholders. The faster broadband speeds enables video communication and hence reduces the travel time and money involved in attending meetings. Now you can do video conferencing for your business as opposed to a physical meeting. By connecting people and ideas, you will most likely experience greater profitability for your business. Businesses can also use social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to connect with clients. Faster business broadband is, therefore, a necessity for any modern day business.

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