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TalkTalk Broadband Guide

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TalkTalk is a UK based company that offers internet and communication services on a national level. Its services include broadband, security, mobile apps, TV, phone, account and billing, and email.


Initially founded in 2003, Talk Talk Group started as a branch of the Carphone Warehouse. In 2010 it became an independent company.

It evolved from being a telecommunication provider to offering modern and sophisticated services, bundles and packages that included the latest internet connections, cable and internet TV, mobile broadband, etc. Its services are targeted at business, students, and casual users.

Now the company is recognised as being one of the biggest and most important internet and mobile providers in the UK. The growth and investment of TalkTalk has made it one of the top providers nowadays.

The in-depth history and itinerary throughout the years can be found on the official website.

Broadband Services

For their broadband services, Talk Talk offers multiple options and packages. You can use a broadband connection for your computer, mobile phone and other devices that have the option to connect to the internet, either through cable, wi-fi, 4g or other types of available connections.

You can combine your broadband package with other services offered by TalkTalk, including TV, phone, etc. Talk Talk has such a wide range of premium services that appeal to a multitude of groups and population. The options have been carefully packed and selected to offer the best needed for students, travellers, business users and casual users. So regardless of the services, you need and for what purpose, Talk Talk has the package for you.

Assistance and Customer Help

The broadband services are excellent: For static devices, the company offers a high-speed router and the qualified personnel required for the device installation and network setup. The company also offers multiple devices on deals, included in some broadband packages and other services.

On the official website, you will find in-depth information about their products services and broadband connections. All types of connections are explained easily and in detail, so the customer help and services are aimed and focused towards the client with exhaustive information and assistance.

Broadband Options, Services and Packages

Let’s take a look at the list of services Talk Talk has to offer for its clients.

Home Broadband

The home broadband is designed for your house and has various packages and bundles.

· Cheap

· Fastest

· With phone

· With TV

· Mobile Broadband

· Broadband guides and help

· Broadband only

· Fibre broadband

· Ultra and hyper fast

· For gamers

· Business

· Student

· Unlimited

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is designed for people that are on the move all the time and have a wireless device that can connect to the internet through 3g, 4g, or wi-fi. TalkTalk offers a variety of services here, versatile enough, not only for your mobile phone but for various mobile devices and accessories including tablets, dongles, modems, SIM cards, etc.

· Personal Wi-Fi

· Pay as you go

· Dongles, Tablets

· High Usage

· Short contracts,

· 4G

· Coverage Checkers

The in depth detailed information about parameters such as speed, network coverage, contracts, and bundles will help you make an informed and educated decision when purchasing a service or bundle.

Help, Guides and Assistance

The Broadband Help and Guides section offers you all the information and guidance. This section is structured and divided into categories for its main broadband services. You can also find out how to move your broadband connection from one location to the other or how to setup your broadband in the countryside. If you choose to switch from an old supplier to a new one TT assistance can help you do that too.


Assistance is offered through a phone landline and email. You can also stay connected with TT through various socialising platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. A speed test is always available on the official website, and it promises accurate results.

Is Talk Talk the right company for you? Probably so if you’re looking for a quality broadband connection with special offers, great assistance, professional personnel and a wide variety of services that feature the latest technology for most of your modern day living devices. Just browse through the catalogue of options, and for sure you will find at least one that suits your needs.

TalkTalk is linked with some of the most important names in the industry including Vodafone, Virgin, O2. This only makes access easier and facilitates surfing and a strong and wide infrastructure.


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