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Guide to EE Broadband

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EE Limited, previously known as Everything Everywhere, is one of Britains most prolific and most advanced digital companies. The company, a division of BT Group plc, was established in 2010 as a joint (50:50) venture between Orange S.A and Deutsche Telekom. It has seen exponential growth emerging as the largest Internet provider and mobile network operator in the United Kingdom.

EE now boasts of a customer base of up to 31 million connections across its fixed, mobile and wholesale networks. It is also the largest 4G services operator not only in the UK but also in Europe as a whole. The company offers some the best services in the telecommunication industry. It is headquartered in Hatfield with regional offices in different parts of the UK. The firm employs about 15000 staff and has over 533 retail outlets in different parts of the country.

Services offered by EE Limited

The company provides many services in the UK and, going by the number of connections, EE is good at what they do. The main services offered by EE include:

4G Network

The company provides the fastest speeds with their 4G network. EE launched their 4G services in 2012 after Ofcom approved their request. Soon after its launch, the company switched 4G coverage in 11 UK cities. Today, the firm gives the biggest 4G network coverage and promise not to stop investing until you can get the fastest network speeds everywhere you go in the UK.

EE Broadband

EE is among the most rapidly growing broadband companies in the UK and entire Europe. It offers a wide range of unlimited Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) internet and super-fast fibre packages. The EE ADSL broadband is currently the most available type of broadband in the UK capable of reaching optimal speeds of 17Mb/s. If you are within EE network area on any of the unlimited plans, you will also enjoy unlimited broadband.

The telecommunications company also offers fibre optic broadband for large households and families. There are two options under this plan – download speeds of 38Mb/s and 76Mb/s. You can check the speed available in your home, all you need to do enter your postcode and/or landline number to an online availability checker on the EE official website.

In case you are within EE network’s coverage on any unlimited fibre optic plan, then you can enjoy unlimited data allowance. Thus, you can stream online and/or download anything at super-fast speeds without worrying about usage costs or caps.


EE Limited also offers Internet Protocol television (IPTV) via its EE TV Box. IPTV means delivering of TV content by the use of signals based on logical IP (internet protocol). Customers can watch over 70 free channels and 11 in High Definition (HD). Notable HD channels include Channel 4 HD, ITV HD, BBC One HD and BBC Two HD. The package let you record up to four programs at the same time, store as much as 300 hours of HD and 600 hours of standard television.

The Replay feature on EE TV box allows you to record up to 8 of your most preferred channels constantly. The TV also allows you to see what is trending on Twitter by clicking on the Twitter Icon on the TV screen. Other great features of EE TV include an EE TV app, flick and fetch, touch and control and pause, rewind and record.

EEHD Voice Calling And Mobile Payments

EE rolled out their HD voice calling throughout its network on the summer of 2010. The service is available throughout the United Kingdom. EE had earlier collaborated with MasterCard and Barclaycard to provide contactless mobile payments systems for relevant consumers. The company currently has an exclusive partnership with mobile payments company iZettle. Today, EE sells iZettle mini credit/debit card readers that enable small business customers to pay for goods and services using their mobile phones.

Current Available EE Deals

EE currently has some hot deals that you can take advantage of the first opportunity you get. The top EE deals include:

· Unlimited Broadband with Weekend Calls

· Unlimited Broadband with Anytime UK and Mobile Calls

· Unlimited Fibre 38mbps with Weekend Calls

· Unlimited Fibre 76mbps with Weekend Calls

· EE TV with Unlimited Broadband and Weekend Calls

· EE TV with Unlimited Fibre 38mbps and Anytime UK and Mobile Calls

· EE TV with Unlimited Fibre 76mbps and Anytime UK and Mobile Calls


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