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John Lewis Broadband Guide

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We all know that a broadband is a wide bandwidth transmission which has the ability to transport multiple signals and traffic types simultaneously. We have various broadband service providers in the UK that deals with the transmission of these signals. John Lewis Broadband is one of the providers that we are going to be looking at today.

History of John Lewis Broadband

John Lewis started as a company dealing with homewares before venturing in the broadband service in the year 2012. It partnered with Plusnet which dealt with the technical services while John Lewis dealt with customer services aligned to bring a new quality of services. The company uses the BT Infinity network to provide fibre services. It deals with several services to make sure that all the consumer's needs are satisfied. It has a broadband service provider which has a toll-free call centre. Unlimited broadband comes as standard unlike other broadband providers in the UK. This is a completely transparent provider when it comes to the cost of broadband packages and the quality of services offered.

John Lewis mainly focuses on three broadband packages. The first package is unlimited 17 MB per second. The second package is fibre which is 38 megabytes per second. They have a faster fibre which goes double that package and offers 76 megabytes per second. The three packages only differ in the speed of their transmission. The packages are all twelve-month contracts including the line rental and the router and the delivery. These packages do not have any limit on the data that can be downloaded for every month. Services have great uptime and the packages are also inclusive of an anti-virus software. You can also set up a WIFI network in your home since John Lewis routers come with Ethernet ports for wired and wireless connection. This means that you can use the internet comfortably in your home with the same fast rate. The package also has a free webmail account.

Unlimited Packages

An unlimited package is a very convenient package for most users. It accommodates many consumers' needs simply because it accommodates Skype calls, streaming videos and also web browsing. Fibre is the best solution for the case where you have many users in a household or where heavy downloading is needed. Both the fibre and the extra fibre package are fast but fibre extra is faster than the normal fibre and one is able is download a lot of data over a short period of time. This is an advantage to consumers that use cloud services heavily.

This provider takes care of the red tape in case the user decides to change from the current service provider to John Lewis. However for customers to access John Lewis broadband services there are a few things that are needed. They include a telephone, an internet enabled devices such as a laptop or tablet, bank details to set up a direct debit order and a non-cable phone line and credit card. The credit card is used for initial payment.

John Lewis caters for the middle class with the aim of offering quality products at fair prices. They offer a deal where you can do all your broadband related services at a John Lewis or Waitrose store. This is a unique feature that is not available to other broadband providers. John Lewis is looking to enter the Television market and mobile phone packages soon. This will increase the number of users that use this provider. John Lewis is always keen to maintain the reputation of the services to their customers. They do not apply different charges according to where the customers live. This means that despite the consumer's location, the price is the same. They also do not charge for the activation fees. Unlike other broadband providers in the UK, they also offer a PC security package and a free wireless router.

In conclusion, there is definitely a place for John Lewis in the UK market. The three packages that they offer have left a solid reputation to a lot of consumers and if you like the convenience of talking to someone in your local Waitrose or John Lewis then it may be the perfect provider.


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