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BT Broadband Guide

BT Broadband is a product provided by BT Group. This service was formally called BT Total Broadband and BT Openworld among other names. Through BT Broadband, clients can enjoy ADSL and Fibre broadband products. In this article, we shall explore BT’s broadband offerings and their other products in a bid to help you decide if it’s the right telecom partner for you.

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Broadband Deals

BT offer you a wide range of deals, which are divided by usage allowance and speed.

BT have been one of the top internet providers in the UK, alongside other companies like Sky and Virgin Media. This is because they have been very keen on providing their clients with exceptional quality and good deals without overcharging them. They have also acquired a huge client base by expanding and developing their TV, particularly through BT Sport.

BT Infinity

In 2010, BT Group launched a fibre optics product named BT Infinity; this product is offered through BT’s FTTC (Fibre to The Cabinet) network. BT has been installing this network steadily throughout the UK, and as of now, most UK businesses are using the network.

BT’s Infinity 2 offers one of the fastest internet connections in the UK, with speeds of up to 76 MB. In 2016, BT reported that Infinity 1 would get a speed boost, whereby new clients would automatically be offered new speeds of up to 52 MB. Through the same upgrade, BT would also increase the rates of existing customers to 52 MB.

BT Home Hub

BT Home Hubs refers to BT’s wireless router. The Home Hub 4, which is provided to basic broadband clients, offers dual-band connections through the 802.11b/g/n protocol. The company also introduced the BT Smart Hub and the Home Hub 5, which use the faster AC protocol. However, the Smart Hub replaced the Home Hub 5 as the company’s preferred router for new Infinity clients.

The Smart Hub contains more internal aerials; it’s designed to support BT’s next generation wireless protocols, which give you even faster rates of data transfer.

If you’re still using Home Hub 4, you can upgrade to Hub 5, which is still available in BT shops.

The good thing with BT Home Hub is that they can scan for interference from other appliances and to dynamically change the wireless channel in such a way to maintain a good connection. This is an advantage over most other routers, which only check for fewer crowd channels.

BT Extras

BT provides you with a free router and other services that aren’t usually provided by other internet service providers. The following are BT’s most notable extras:

1. Free BT Wi-Fi

All BT clients are given free access to BT Wi-Fi hotspot, which is the largest, free Wi-Fi in the UK. To access this Wi-Fi, you just have to log in with your BT client username and password.

2. Free BT Cloud Storage

Before July 2016, most users would get 5GB free storage, but now, that’s the case only for new capped-deal clients. If you’re subscribed to the unlimited broadband of 17 MB and the Unlimited Infinity 1, you’re given 100GB of free storage space. Moreover, if you’re an Infinity 2 customer, BT gives you 500GB of free Cloud Storage.

The point is, although BT Broadband may not seem to provide the cheapest internet deals in town, the added cost isn’t because of the brand name, but rather the real benefits that come with each package.

The following are some of the other services provided by BT:

• Calls

• TV

• BT Sport and Sky Sports


While BT were ordered to lower the line rental cost for landline-only clients, all other customers pay £18.99 However, the total price per month varies depending on the inclusive calls and other products included in the package.

New call deals have weekend calls included. However, if you’re planning to take a capped broadband package, you shall have to take the anytime deal if you want more the package. You shall pay £8.99 per month for the anytime deal.

On the other hand, you could sign up for an unlimited deal, in which you’re free to upgrade to evening and weekend bundles or anytime calls.


BT TV has improved tremendously over the past few years. The main products under BT TV are Youview and BT Sport.


Youview box has three versions. The basic version has one tuner, and it cannot record. This version is the major box offered to standard broadband clients. It has the most basic package, known as the starter package, which includes 80 channels, including ITV Hub, My 5, and 4oD.

If you’re a BT Infinity customer, you have a wider range of choices. Besides the starter package you may opt for any of these packages:

1. Entertainment Plus

You get the Youview+ box and the TV Everywhere app. You also get the same channels offered in the Starter package and 28 other channels, including MTV Music, Comedy Central Extra, and Movies 24.

2. Total Entertainment

You get the Youview+ 1TB box and the TV Everywhere app. You also get the Starter channels and over 50 premium channels; these include the BT Sports Ultra HD, and Kids and HD bundles.

If you have an active subscription but want to add BT TV, you’ll need to take a new one-year contract. The prices range from an additional £4 to £16 per month, on top of any introductory offers.

BT Sport and Sky Sports

BT have been buying rights to sports tournaments for the last few years. As a matter of fact, they have exclusive rights to various matches, including the following:

· UEFA Champions Leagues

· Premier League

· FA Cup

They also have rights to Aviva Premiership Rugby, NASCAR, and MotoGP among others.

BT Sport is offered free to all BT TV clients. However, if you have BT Broadband without BT TV, you’re required to pay £5 per month to access it. People subscribing through other TV providers need to pay at least £5 per month to access BT Sport.

BT also provides Sky Sports 1 and 2. These are offered in SD at £22 each month to Infinity customers. However, you’re needed to pay £27 per month if you want them in HD.

BT Broadband has significantly improved over the past few years. The great wireless provided by BT’s Home Hubs, the free Wi-Fi, and the free BT Sport offered to clients are but some of the reasons why you should consider becoming a BT Broadband customer.


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