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Sky Broadband Guide

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Sky Broadband is an internet service provider that operates under Sky Plc in the UK. If you’re thinking of taking Sky Broadband, this article should help you understand the services, deals, pros, and cons involved.


In 2005, Sky UK (formally BSkyB) purchased EasyNet, an internet service company, giving Sky access to 232 telephone exchanges. Sky placed their newly acquired company under a new division, which they called Sky Broadband. The Sky Broadband division now covers more than 70% of the UK, with over 6 million customers.

Delivery Method

Sky Broadband utilises the Openreach network from BT to deliver their superfast fibre broadband and standard ADSL products.

Sky Broadband offers you the following products:

• Fibre Optics Broadband

• ADSL Broadband

• Calls

• TV

• BT Sport

• Sky Sports

Fibre Optics Broadband

Sky Broadband offers you fibre optics with speeds of up to 38MB.

The Fibre Optics Broadband is delivered through cables. Therefore, as opposed to the ADSL Broadband, your distance from the exchange doesn’t affect the speeds. In fact, with the fibre optics option, it’s very likely that you will get the speeds advertised. You can go for the Superfast Sky Fibre with TV package, which allows you to get speeds of 34MB and access to Sky TV, for a monthly cost of £42.

If you’re looking to do activities that require excellent internet speeds, such as downloading HD videos, online gaming or uploading big files on the internet, then you need to go for the fibre optics option.

ADSL Broadband

Sky offers you ADSL broadband, which is also known as standard broadband. This is presently the most widely available and popular broadband in the United Kingdom, reaching up to 17MB in internet speeds.

The standard broadband is supplied through the standard copper telephone wires, and thus the further away you are from your local exchange, the slower your internet speeds get.

The following are other products offered by Sky:

Sky TV

Sky TV is, without a doubt, the most popular product from Sky. As a matter of fact, it’s the leading subscription TV service in the UK; it has almost all the channels, particularly those on sports and films. Then again, Sky TV has incorporated virtually all the features you would want on TV, such as catch-up, recording, on demand, 3D, HD, and online.

The newest TV service from Sky is known as Sky Q. With this service, you get an advanced set-top box, which has a highly advanced remote control, a superior interface, and lots of other features, including on-demand. As a matter of fact, with Sky Q, you can record and save your favourite TV shows. Sky Q service, allows you to enjoy a wide variety of entertainment in full HD.

Sky Talk

Sky Talk refers to Sky’s phone service. This service comes with Sky Broadband packages, including Sky Fibre, but you could also get it on its own. 12 or 18-month terms apply to new and existing Sky Talk clients taking up the Sky Line Rental. In case you don’t have a compatible line, a connection charge of £20 may apply. The Sky Line Rental is offered at £18.99 per month.

Note: the calls only package isn’t accessible by BT line rentals clients that have BT Basics.

Sky Talk Evenings Plus Weekends Extra

You can also get the Sky Talk Evenings plus Weekends Extra. This package helps you make calls to UK mobiles and landlines on all evenings, and Saturdays, and Sundays.

Talk Anytime Extra

This package helps you make inclusive calls anytime.

Talk International Extra

The package includes calls to fifty international destinations.

Sky Sport

Sky Sport refers to a group of sports TV channels operated by Sky. This product from Sky is the most popular sports subscription TV in the UK and Ireland. The product has played a key role commercialising British Sport since the 90s. As a matter of fact, Sky Sports has induced organisational changes in sports broadcasts. One particular time it influenced such a change is when it persuaded the Premier League to separate from the Football League.

Sky Sports Mix and Sky Sports News HQ are both offered by Sky as part of the basic package. On the other hand, Sky provides the Sky Sports one, two, three, four, and five as a premium package to clients on top of the basic package. The five channels are also available in premium packages on almost every other pay TV in Ireland and the UK.

There’s good news in case you’re an existing Sky customer, as the provider offers you exclusive deals. These are additional services only available to Sky customers, which give you extra stuff at better values than standard packages. Therefore, upgrading is much better than switching, as you get more from your provider at lower prices.


• Sky Sports has more exclusive rights to matches than most other TV providers

• Sky gets all the major films before other TV providers

• Sky TV is accessible from almost any part of the UK

• Sky Broadband has high internet speeds

• Sky Q is packed with excellent features like Ultra HD and on-demand

• Sky TV has more channels than most other TV providers in the UK

• Sky Line Rental is among the cheapest phone services in the UK


• Sky TV is quite expensive – if you’re looking to get access to sports that can’t be found anywhere else, or big films exclusive to Sky TV, then it’s going to cost you plenty of pounds

• You have to get an engineer to install for you the Sky TV and satellite dish

• Sky Broadband has had issues with overcapacity

• Sky Fibre is not as widely available as other fibre optics brands like BT

Final Verdict

Sky is one of the most popular internet providers in the UK. One of the reasons why people love this ISP is that all the Sky Broadband packages have a free Wi-Fi router. This router is installed with smart technology that enables it to scan for the best channels to provide you with a stable internet connection. Then, there’s the Sky TV, which offers you the Sky Q set-top boxes. These devices allow you to record, pause and pick up your favourite shows.


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