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PlusNet Broadband Guide

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PlusNet is a two-decade old first-class quad play internet service provision company that operates from Sheffield in the southern area of Yorkshire. It’s one of the highly revered ISP companies in the UK that devotes in providing premier mobile services, digital television services, and broadband landline services. Since PlusNet came to light in 1997, it has won several awards for being UK’s top ISP Company in terms of customer service quality and affordable pricing.

Origin And Growth

PlusNet officially began its operation on the 1st of February in 1997. Its humble beginning resulted from the desire by Paul Cusack who was then the Chairman and co-founder of Choice peripherals and Lee Strafford the managing director to create an award-winning ISP company that will see progressive change in the quality and range of mobile, broadband and digital television services delivered to the British citizens. While under the management of Lee Strafford, PlusNet was able to initiate its first unmetered dial-up service in April 1999 that offered 0800 free call rates and internet access to its customers during the weekends. In mid-2000, the company introduced a 24-hour unmetered dial-up service that provided a range of high-quality Surftime dial-up internet products. In August the same year, PlusNet launched their first 512 kbit/s ADSL broadband internet service which required a BT Engineer to install.

For two sequential years, PlusNet focused on improving the speed and performance of the ADSL broadband till January in 2002 when they released their first self-install broadband device. In the early months of 2007, PlusNet was officially bought by BT Group though its operation still remained uninterrupted as operated on its own. By the December of 2013, PlusNet was announced to have acquired not less than 750,000 customers all over the UK and Britain.

Services Offered By PlusNet

PlusNet targets mostly business and residential internet and mobile service users. It has since 2005 concentrated in offering award-winning and no-nonsense landline telephone systems and products that aim at ensuring businesses and homeowners can efficiently communicate on a 24-hour basis without network flaws and at a price that best meets their budget. The company as well has for over a decade specialised in making and selling top-notch Fibre broadband internet systems and asymmetric digital subscriber line broadband that deliver outstanding internet speeds at the best rates ever.

In their line to guarantee homeowners and business owners of unmatched digital TV services, PlusNet offers premier digital TV services that allow users to easily watch their favourite TV channels using the YouView Platform.

With PlusNet’s superfast Fibre Broadband internet you are able to:

1. Uninterruptedly access and watch your favourite TV shows and programs, listen to your best MP3 as well as watch your favourite film whenever you want to be it during the day or night.

2. Access high-speed Wi-Fi internet to your Smartphone on a 24-hour basis

3. Browse your favourite stuff online, download images, apps and videos, chat with friends and family online as well as share memories and events online.

4. Access top brands of paid and unpaid shoot up and racing games all through the day and night.

5. Upload, backup and share big attachments, videos, and graphics within few minutes.6. Chat with friends, and business cohorts face to face using crystal clear video calling.

With the advanced asymmetric digital subscriber line broadband you are able to:

1. Make long calls overseas and internally at the most competitive rates possible.2. Get your staff to efficiently and timely connect with your clients around the clock without delays.

3. Pay less for all your personal and business call rates.

4. Make uninterrupted calls with strong signals all through the day and night.

Why Plusnet Make a Great Broadband Provider

As of the moment, PlusNet stands out as the most domineering telephone and internet service provision company that puts the interest of the end customer in mind. They are ranked top among the UK ISP companies that unparalleled customer support and great rates on all of their services. Like many others, you may be wondering what has led to the ever-increasing credibility and dominance of PlusNet in the UK internet and telephone services market. If that is the case, I am going to let you know exactly what makes PlusNet special.

1. All their home broadband packages are unlimited. This is to say that once you make the requested one-time fee, you will get unlimited internet and telephone calling access.

2. Their internet is super fast and incredible. With PlusNet Fibre net, you can do all kind of heavy browsing including streaming live events, watching movies and downloading and uploading large files.

3. Their customer service is incomparable. The company has highly trained personnel who devotes in providing outstanding customer care services at all times.

4. Their products and services are quite affordable. PlusNet has been and still remains the best company in the UK that offers the most affordable rates on telephone and internet services.

5. Offers unpaid activation for both phones and broadband. After you pay the upfront purchase and installation fee for PlusNet’s products, you won’t need to pay anything more to get your phone or broadband activated.

Great PlusNet Broadband Deals You Should Give A Try

PlusNet has never been so altruistic. Currently, the company is offering several captivating deals that let you get more and better quality internet and telephone services at lower rates. If you are interested in PlusNet’s telephone and internet services, here are several deals you can take advantage of.

1. PlusNet mobile SIM only-This brings you 1500 minutes, 3 GB 4 G data and limitless texts at an affordable price of £8.50

2. PlusNet unlimited fibre-This PlusNet package deal costs £25 a month or £22.5 in case you decide to pay upfront for the line rental.

3. PlusNet SIM only deal-This is a captivating deal that offered through USwitch network which provides you with 1GB data, 250 minutes and 500 texts at a rate of £5 a month.

4. PlusNet mobile-This a 30-day contract deal from PlusNet which offers unlimited texts and 2GB 4G data under the EE network at a budget-friendly rate of £7.50.

5. PlusNet pre-reg deal-This monthly PlusNet deal gives you access to unlimited texts and minutes and 4GB 4G data at a price of £10.

6. PlusNet Mobile retentions-As with this deal, you get 2GB data, unlimited texts and 2000 texts at a price of £6 a month.

7. PlusNet SIM only-This deal gives you 250 minutes, 1GB data and 500 texts at a price of £5 a month.


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