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All About Satellite Broadband

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Broadband has become an integral part of people's lives. According to a recent estimate as much as 86% British households had access to the internet in the year 2017, with over 79% using it every day to carry out their day to day activities.

Even though such figures seem quite remarkable, access to a stable, fast and reliable broadband connection is still a far-fetched dream for many. This may be attributed either to the cost, coverage area, or a paucity of ISP ( Internet Services providers ) in your area.

Such a scenario calls for a comprehensive evaluation of possibilities that we as users may have access to, something that commands the same spleen as the home broadband, or even better, and is also pocket-friendly. Provides you with seamless connectivity and an uninterrupted flow.

This calls for the need to review Satellite Broadband, and how having access to one could dispel all your problems. This review is based on hard facts, that compare satellite broadband to the other forms, and the benefits that you, as a user, may accrue gaining access to one.

What is a satellite broadband?

Unlike its home broadband counterpart, satellite broadband comes sans wires. Which means it could be affixed on top of your terrace, on the roof of your car, or virtually ANYWHERE. The only necessity it has is a clear line of sight to the southern sky (The placement of the satellite). Setting up a satellite broadband just requires fixing a satellite dish wherever you want, which would be supplied by your ISP.

What are the Benefits of using Satellite Broadband?

There are many benefits to putting a Satellite Broadband based on ease of access, the area of coverage ( globally ), cost factor, speeds, and many other endless possibilities. A proper breakdown of which has been given below.

For Travellers

If you are the one to be always on the move, traveling through the marshy lands, the dense forests, or just the cities. Then satellite broadband may be the one to take care of your needs. It is a much-known fact that in most of the rural areas the network connection is patchy at best. With there being the problems of frequent call drops and connections.

Since the satellite dish connects directly to a satellite present outside the atmosphere, it would be well within its range at most times. All that you as a traveler would need to do is to put it atop your car, caravan, or traveler. And have seamless connectivity, which would help you watch your favorite movies, tv shows etc.

For Home usage

In remote areas, or even in less populated parts of the city, the wires used in home broadband are very far away from their source of origin. The longer the distance to the source, the lesser the speed you may get. This problem could be negated while utilising a satellite broadband, it neglects the wiring altogether, no wiring would equal higher speeds!

And it may also provide the much-needed respite from the slow connections that ISP's tend to offer in remote areas, some are known to be as low as 2mbps! While satellite broadband would provide you with equivalent high speeds, wherever you may be.

The Reliability factor

Satellite broadband is known to be much more reliable in the event of any terrestrial calamity. This could be torrential rains, excessive winds, or just the good old wire being bitten off by wild animals ( happens to more people than you may imagine! ). With the dish, this problem could be well overlooked.

After all, the dish comes sans wires, and its connectivity isn't dependent on its continuous connection with a land-based source. Only a meteor may down a satellite, seriously!

Satellite Broadband Is Always Connected

Unlike the ADSL based connections, wherein you have to input your user information, every time an attempt to use the internet is made. Satellite broadband is always connected and doesn't need any kind of user-password combination whatsoever. All you have to do is put it atop your roof, and you are good to go!

Easy to Install

Let's be very honest, setting up a home line based connection is a tedious process. Sometimes, it may take more than a week to be up and working ( such is common with a lot of ISP's ). While the satellite broadband could be set up in a matter of hours, or in a matter of minutes if you want to set it atop your vehicle.

This is an immensely viable positive point, which provides credence to the effectiveness of the satellite broadband. Since it is better than mobile based connections, which are prone to failures.

Amazing Speeds

Speed is a word that our rural friends may have forgotten in respect to their broadbands, altogether! But satellite broadband may change that perspective, for the better. Most of the ISP's that provide such services have blazingly fast internet connections, which come huddled with no distortions in speed whatsoever.

Some ISP's are known to give their users speed as high as 22mbps! All of this comes at an affordable cost to the user, this could be a win-win situation for the ISP as well as us, the end users.

The possibility to use multiple devices

The biggest drawback that comes with a home broadband is the ability to connect only one device to it. This is not the case with the satellite, as you may connect as many devices to it as your heart desires! Though, within limits of course, as is known to one and all, more the devices slower the speeds.

This could prove to be a boon from the blues. All those fights based on who gets the most amount of time with the connection would be a thing of the past. This would allow you and your family easier access to the internet, all at once. Though, you may let up on some " family time " with it.

The Cost-benefit

To be very honest with you guys, home broadband isn't cheap. It has brought about many tears in regular households. Though, this isn't the case with the satellite broadband, the ISP's demand pennies for the speed they provide. So you have a blazingly fast internet connection, that comes with an easy on the pocket price tag. What more could you ask for?

This is a very important advantage that the satellite provides, with the kind of features it provides like mobility, reliability, speed, portability etc. It is well priced, catering to your needs.

Comparison with other types of Broadband services

Home/cable Broadband

Home broadband is a mirage of wires, which may die out any time. This pretty much sums it. It isn't portable, is prone to regular breakdowns, takes a longer time to repair, and is hard to maintain. It also has very low coverage area, coupled with the fact that it provides you with terribly low speeds if you live in any area far away from human settlement, or a rural area.

While the Satellite broadband is reliable, mobile, easy to repair, easy to maintain etc. The coverage is Global, which means you could use it in the most distraught and deserted of locations possible, and it would still work as well as it would under normal circumstances. And you also get access to higher speeds for a lower price tag as compared to home/cable based broadband connections.

Fixed Wireless broadband

Fixed wireless based broadband connections are points set up across an area, they provide points of connection for users to connect to. Fixed broadband are heavily restricted in the speeds provided by them, going only as much as 7mbps at times. And they are only restrictive in their range, houses falling under their guise could only be connected to them at any given time.

This need is negated with the satellite broadband, as it could be fixed atop any solid surface, you may get a continuous stream of connection that is unbroken. This connection isn't prone to speed downgrades as is seen in the case of fixed wireless broadband, which is a result of the sheer number of users connected to it!

Mobile Broadband

This is the most important of comparison. As mobile broadbands tend to provide everything that comes huddled with the satellite broadband- speed, portability, reliability, cost etc. Mobile broadband comes in the form of 3g and 4g and is accessed via a dongle, or a modem connected to your PC, laptop etc.

Though, there is still a major difference between the satellite broadband and mobile broadband. Satellite is truly "globally" connected, you would get its signal literally "anywhere" and "everywhere". The same is hard to say for the mobile broadband, which could be majorly attributed to the fact that it is prone to connections losses.

Let's take the example of getting lost in the jungle, if you have your good old mobile handset on you, there is a huge possibility that it is outside the coverage provided by the mobile tower. But same is not the case with the satellite dish, all you need to do is make sure its pointed south, in the direction of the mother satellite, and you would be good to go!

Another added advantage that the satellite broadband has is the fact that it's unlimited, which is rarely the case with mobile broadband. By "unlimited" we mean the possibility of downloading as much data as you want, without any end triggers, or barriers. This is something that is yet to bear fruit and doesn't look to be in the pipeline for mobile based broadbands. Which is primarily attributed to the high cost that is borne by the providers.

Economic Consideration


The cost for setting up the broadband varies from ISP to ISP but could range from £10 a month to £80 a month. This is the per month cost, the cost of installing/buying the dish is comparatively higher than that of the Home broadband. It could be upwards of £300 which gives you a satellite dish, a modem to go along with it, and the wage paid to the engineer who would fix it for you.


The ongoing maintenance is almost negligible. Though, you may be required to pay a small amount to rent out the dish. This is usually within 10 euros per month, with 10 being the exceptional case, and charged by very few ISP's. This could be called the accrued costs. The money paid per month along with the rent.

But this does give you complete control and authority over your dish, which would allow it to be used as per your desires. Of course within permissible levels, and making sure no damage is brought upon the dish. Such a damage would have to be paid for.Though, if all of this could be easily overlooked based on the benefits that are accrued with the satellite broadband as compared to its counterparts.

Pros of getting yourself Satellite Broadband

- Portability, you may take it anywhere with you and could rest assured that it would still work.

- Reliability, in the event of a terrestrial event like torrential rains, extreme winds, snowfall etc. you would still, get seamless and error free connectivity, something that fixed wired connections wouldn't provide you.

- Value for money, for the kind of cool features it comes with, it is well worth the money asked.

- The ability to connect with multiple devices, something that is very hard to come by with either home or mobile broadband.

- Easy to install as well as operate, all it takes is putting the dish on a solid surface, and you are good to go.


- There is a limitation on speed as compared to home broadband, but this could be attributed to the distance from the satellite.

- The initial investment is a little high as compared to home broadband.

Satellite broadband may prove to the much sought after connectivity option, that rural user may have been looking forward to. It is the perfect collation of reliability, portability, ease of access and value for money. And as compared to the terribly low-speed connections that are provided in rural areas, it is like the Usain Bolt amongst a slew of slow pokes. It could also be the broadband connection that may prove to complete all the requirements of people always on the move. Easily outdoing mobile broadband in the speed and the coverage department.


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