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How Broadband Speed Can Help Business Productivity

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Broadband refers to fast internet access, and it includes modern transmission technologies like the digital subscriber line (DSL), fibre optics, and cable modem. With the web becoming more crucial than ever, businesses need to consider utilising a fast broadband connection to get the most out of the telecommunication system and improve their overall performance. Fortunately, business broadband has become more affordable than ever and therefore any business from small to large should be able to exploit faster internet access. The following are some of the benefits that you shall enjoy from utilising fast broadband internet:

1. Increased Growth Potential

One of the principal drivers for business broadband is the chance to grow. The use of new, efficient technology is usually considered to trigger business success, and thus small firms are keen to utilise new, affordable technology as an important part of their growth plans.

By utilising the fast broadband internet, you have a chance to communicate with more potential clients than ever before. Then, when your business expands and gains more customers, you shall need an efficient way of keeping in touch with them, and that’s where the fast broadband internet comes in.

2. Greater Bandwidth Capacity

The manner in which businesses utilise the web has changed, and the greater upload capability of broadband internet is a primary reason for choosing it. In fact, some business owners have reported seeing their bandwidth increase from 700kbs to as much as 15 megs.

Nowadays, many firms appreciate the importance of having a good online presence, and they invest a lot of time and money in having an excellent website and a perfect social media presence. With business broadband, your business will not experience challenges uploading product demos and other content. Moreover, your social media manager will have a reliable connection that enables easy interaction with potential clients.

3. Higher Accessibility to Cloud Services

Cloud services offer you a perfect way to harness computation power and storage capacity among other services. However, slow internet connectivity poses a major barrier to cloud technology. Fortunately, with the introduction of the broadband internet, you have a greater bandwidth, and thus your connectivity is robust enough to allow you access to cloud services. This means that you no longer have to worry about losing important data, as you can store it on cloud storage and download it anytime you need it.

4. Help You Keep up with Technological Innovation

Technological innovations are increasing the need for better connectivity. Furthermore, modern technology has led to increased expectations on responsiveness and capability. For instance, cameras now have 20mb processors, and so if your customers ask you for photographs, you may end up uploading files that are more than 70mbs. Your potential customers may want you to send such files within in a few minutes, and without fast internet connectivity, you risk losing these clients. As a matter of fact, the old glossy magazines and other traditional means of communication are dying out. Nowadays, people are communicating over the web. Therefore, you need broadband internet to help you meet the expectations of these people and gain more customers.

5. Increased Productivity

A fast internet connection reduces the time your employees waste trying to access information; they’re able to send or receive files faster. This means that they are able to spend their time doing productive work like attending to customers or participating actively in the production process.

6. More Confidence in Reliability

Ever promised a client to send them samples in a few minutes and then your internet connection got lost? Or did a client book an appointment with you over Skype only for the connection to go down? Fast broadband helps you avoid such embarrassing scenarios.

Confidence in the reliability of Internet connectivity is vital to businesses, and the greater reliability you get from the fast broadband internet is one of the reasons why you need to consider adopting it. The connectivity of business broadband is ever excellent; it is there whenever you need it. With fast broadband, you don’t have to worry about whether the document you sent was delivered or not. You can sit back and relax knowing that you’re fully covered. Broadband guarantees faster delivery of files and hassle-free video calls over the web.

7. Reduced Cost

In this harsh economic climate, there is a need for businesses to cut their overhead costs to a minimum. Broadband gives you a way to minimise the cost of your internet connection in a bid to reduce your overall expenses. The truth is, it is hard to determine the exact amount of data you shall use each month, and if you’re using the traditional dial-up internet, you may end up having bills that are higher than your expectations. However, with fast broadband, you’re able to do more for less.

One business person narrated that before he adopted the fast broadband connection, his dial-up connection would cost him £100 per month. Upon adopting broadband, the bill (phone line and broadband) went down to £40 inclusive of VAT.

8. Greater Ability to Multi-Task

Fast broadband enables you to multi-task and affords you the opportunity to accomplish more within the same period and thus operate more efficiently. For instance, you can watch the business news of the day, chat with clients, and upload stuff over the web; all at the same time. This ability to multitask goes a long way toward improving your business’s agility. It also reduces the time within which your employees accomplish tasks, and thus it leaves them with more time to do other creative things. Therefore, broadband promotes innovation in your organisation.

9. Reversing the Shift from Offline to Online

Before the introduction of business broadband, many firms had to shift from online to an offline operation to be able to deliver large files. In this regard, they had to utilise traditional post delivery services; this came with a lot of frustration. Broadband internet has reversed the shift, and you can now be able to accomplish more tasks over the web. You no longer have to put your files on a disc and hire courier services to deliver them to other cities. All you have to do is adopt business broadband, and you can send and receive huge files within a few minutes from the comfort of your home or office. The days of sending one file at a time are also gone; you can now send all the files, no matter how large, through the web. This means that you don’t need the postman anymore, and thus you’re also able to reduce overhead costs.

10. Reduced Need for Travel

Broadband not only represents absolute value for money but also helps lower costs by lessening the need to travel. Therefore, broadband enables you to reduce your overhead costs as well as serve more customers during a particular period. With fast broadband, for instance, you don’t have to attend meetings physically. You can set up a video conferencing session with your employees, and discuss important matters over the web. This means that you’re able to save both time and money, and these vital resources can be channelled to other areas of your business.

11. Reduced Need to Hire Workers

Broadband increases the speed and efficiency with which work is done in your organisation, and as a result, you’re able to hire fewer employees. With the fast broadband connection, one employee is able to accomplish a task that would have previously needed a team of employees. With excellent internet connectivity, for instance, a worker can upload videos and talk with online customers at the same time. With dial-up internet, such tasks would have needed two people to handle. Consequently, the reduced need to hire workers means that you’re faced with fewer expenses and more profits.

12. Facilitation of Remote Working

With business broadband, you can work from anywhere. If for instance, your firm has several branches, you don’t have to make trips to each branch now and then. You can just log in and see what’s going on over there. Then again, if you’re tired and feel that you can’t make it to the office, just accomplish your tasks and send the required files to your branch. This means that you can even spend more time with your family and at the same time attend to your work.

This benefit is particularly useful if you like hiring freelancers. You can outsource help from people throughout the world, and thus you’re able to experience the unique talent of a wide range of workers.

13. Faster Turnover

Fast broadband helps improve business turnover as work is done faster and with more efficiency. The improved turnover is a major step toward improving the cash flow. If for example, you have 40 photography customers and you’re sending them massive 2mb image files, a regular internet connection will let you down. On the other hand, a fast broadband connection will enable you to send these files without any problems. With a fast broadband connection, you’re able to strike a deal with many clients, and thus you may receive all the payment within the same day.

14. Increased Competitive Edge

If your business rivals are still using traditional internet connections, consider adopting a fast broadband connection, as it will give you a huge competitive advantage over them. For instance, if you own a hotel in a town that primarily uses conventional connections, try offering free Wi-Fi. This will make guests prefer your hotel over the others, as they will be able to enjoy chatting, watching videos, and doing other activities over the internet. Furthermore, clients find businesses that have adopted modern technology more appealing than those that haven’t.

15. Better Work/ Life Balance

With dial-up connections, you may experience a lot of challenges trying to complete online tasks. For instance, you may have to spend long periods waiting for files to upload or you may waste a lot of time trying to reestablish a lost connection. Moreover, it is almost impossible to work from home; you may be required to travel to your workplace every day. This means that you have to dedicate most of your time to your work, and very little time to other areas of your life, such as spending time with your family. On the other hand, with a fast broadband connection, you are able to do your work faster and with increased effectiveness. Furthermore, you can work from anywhere including from home. Therefore, you’re left with more time to attend to the other areas of your life; you get to have more leisure time, and you’re able to spend more time with your family.

16. More Flexibility in Working Hours

Most of the business people who used conventional connections told us that they had to work very late into the night, and others had to wake up as early as 3 am to complete online tasks like downloading or uploading large files. They had to work during such odd hours, as it was impossible to accomplish such tasks with the contention ratio issues that prevailed during the regular working hours. However, when they adopted the fast broadband connection, they were able to complete all their tasks during the regular working hours. This is because broadband provided them with the bandwidth they needed, resulting in faster and more efficient online activities. These business owners were no longer held back by congested periods of internet usage such as when children went on holiday or during lunch breaks, evenings, and the weekends.

Therefore, with broadband internet, you’re able to work during normal working hours and perform various online tasks, including downloading and uploading huge files, without any worries about the connection going down.

17. Increased Communication Capabilities

Business broadband makes it possible for people in your organisation to communicate via VOIP programs and hold meetings and conferences through video calls from anywhere. With this high-speed internet connectivity, your workers are able to expand the ways in which they can communicate both in and away from the workplace. This eases the completion of tasks. Moreover, information is transmitted swiftly.


These days, businesses are turning to VoIP phones to exploit their low costs and numerous features. With reliable high-speed internet connectivity, the quality of calls exceeds that of the conventional copper wire phones. Moreover, you can enjoy features like automated call routing and audio conferencing.

In case you’re running a start-up firm, you may want to make use of the broadband internet to be able to gain a competitive edge over your established rivals. You shall also be able to enjoy the reduced cost and increased efficiency that comes with this internet connection. Furthermore, using this modern technology will make potential clients will find your firm more appealing.


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