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Is Speed Everything With Broadband

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High-speed internet is essential in a business environment. This is easy to understand when you picture a lot of people working in front of their computers. Nowadays, a lot of work is done through the world wide web. Communication between departments, customer service and document exchange, are all done online. So it is normal to think that a business needs or even absolutely require a high-speed internet connection. The same may be said for normal households. Thanks to an increase in the devices that operate through the net, the availability of high-speed internet is becoming an important factor in the choice of residence. This is being reported by almost all estate agencies in the United Kingdom.

The reason Internet Service Providers mostly offer fibre broadband or ADSL broadband connections to households

Internet Service Providers offer a vast range of possibilities for their clients. You may choose from DSL solutions to fibre optic and satellite broadband. Though there are vast options, the internet connections offered to the normal households are the new fibre broadband connections and the ADSL connections. The main reason being the fact that they are the most balanced options, with an unlimited bandwidth, easy setup, high speed and a competitive price. These features, that are essential for a family's internet needs, are limited in the other options.

ADSL is a good solution for businesses that require a fast upload and download but are nowhere near the capabilities of fibre.

Fibre broadband connections and fibre optic technology

If we are talking about speed, this is the connection to opt for. These connections are often also referred to as "superfast broadband" connections. This new technology uses optical fibres. These fibres are small threads with the diameter of hair, which allow light transmission through their length. In this case, internet electrical signals are converted to light signals that travel through the fibre at speeds, that can be ten times faster than cable modem or ADSL internet connections.

The speed experienced varies depending on the distance from the cabinet or exchange, the configuration of the service by the ISP, the maximum bandwidth, etc. Optical fibres allow at the same time the transmission of voice and video services, like video-on-demand.

Being a new technology, it is not available in every region. Internet Service Providers have invested a lot in the expansion of their optic fibre network. Still, at the moment, it is a limited service. ISP websites offer the possibility of easily checking the availability of the service in your area. or you can take a look at the fibre postcode checker on our homepage.

Why fibre broadband connection is perfect for the modern households of today

A lot of people think that this technology, and high-speed internet in generally, is an excessive luxury. This is not true for the following reasons:

The use of smartphones, tablets, game consoles, PCs, Sky or Netflix services, etc., is nowadays overwhelming the existing internet connections. The average number of devices and appliances that operate on the internet in a household in the United Kingdom, is three or more. Smartphones and tablets are usually always connected to the internet. They continuously use bandwidth required by the applications, especially chat and social network applications. This means that even without actively using them, you are still using the internet bandwidth of your broadband connection. If all devices are used at the same time, something that normally happens in a normal average family with four people, the result will be a very slow internet connection. This is why a high-speed broadband connection will increase the piece each of these devices can share. In fact, the speed of fibre broadband technology can totally eliminate this problem.

High-speed internet service increases user experience in some internet services. Streamed videos, services like YouTube, Netflix, Sky Go, TV and video download, streamed music services like Spotify, etc., need a fast internet connection to be used at all. And if they can be used with a normal broadband connection, a fibre broadband connection is still needed for HD video or music content. In these services, we can also mention voice and video communication programs like Skype. These types of software also need a higher speed to work flawlessly.

The final service I want to mention in this category is gaming. Game consoles often require a fast internet connection to eliminate lag during multiplayer gameplay. The increased use of streaming software during games is another reason why a better internet solution may be needed for uploading live streams.

The possibility of working from home. There is an increase in the number of people that take their work at home, in order to have more time with their families. And there are a lot of people who have decided to become freelance and make their home their workplace. In the age of communication, this is a rising trend. This choice, however, often requires a good internet connection for better communication with other people, streaming, video conferences, fast uploads, etc. For these cases, It is important to have a reliable internet connection. Fibre optic is the perfect choice since it is immune to interference and other signal problems.

The price of fibre optic broadband connections is in decline. Nowadays, they can be just a little more expensive than the normal ADSL broadband connection. The average price difference on a monthly fee, offered by the UK Internet Service Providers, is £5 to £10.

Summarising, fibre broadband internet connection is definitely not a luxury. It is a need in the modern household of today.

ADSL broadband connections

sThis is another type of broadband connection. It stands for Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line. ADSL broadband technology uses the telephone lines already installed. So it has a far wider network compared to fibre broadband. The speed experienced may vary depending on the distance from the telephone exchange. Compared to the Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line technology, ADSL focuses on the downstream data, which is the most important for the casual internet user. Internet signals are transmitted simultaneously with the voice service signals without disrupting the phone lines.

Why ADSL connection is the perfect choice for some households

We mentioned the reasons why a high-speed internet connection is a must in the normal UK household. But there are also special cases, where a normal ADSL broadband internet connection would be the best choice. This applies to the following cases:

Households with a small number of people can easily put off the need for a high-speed internet connection. With fewer devices connected at the same time, the speed of the normal ADSL broadband connection may perform well enough. This is also true for cases where people do not stay home a lot.

Some people do not use or need high-bandwidth services like the ones mentioned above (streaming, video downloads, video communication, YouTube, Netflix, etc.). So they will not need a faster internet connection.

Normally, the price can also be a reason for this choice. After all, even though small, there is a difference between the cost of fibre broadband and ADSL broadband connections.

Fibre Broadband Deals

The best way to understand the cost, speed and the other features in today's market, is to see and compare the deals offered by different Internet Service Providers.

1. Broadband BT Infinity 1 and Weekend Calls is a 12-month deal for phone and a fibre broadband connection. The speed goes up to 52 Mbps. It offers unlimited bandwidth at the price of £29.49 per month.

2. Now TV Combo: Fab Fibre with Entertainment Month Pass is a deal for phone, TV and fibre broadband connection. The internet speed goes up to 38 Mbps. It offers unlimited bandwidth at the price of £29.99 per month.

3. Unlimited Fibre with Evening and Weekend Calls is a 12-month contract offer for phone and fibre broadband connection. The maximum speed is 38 Mbps. It offers unlimited bandwidth and comes with a price of £32.50 pounds per month.

These are some fibre broadband offers at the moment in the United Kingdom. What can be easily noticed, is the fact that they are offered together with phone or TV deals. As we mentioned above, fibre optics allow the transmission of voice and video, not only of internet signal. The offers usually come with an upfront fee, setup cost, and a contract of 12 to 18 months. They all offer unlimited bandwidth with internet speeds that range from 38 to 52 Mbps. The prices range from £24.49 to £32.50.

ADSL broadband internet connection deals

1. TalkTalk Fast Broadband is a 12-month contract deal for phone and ADSL broadband connection. The maximum speed is 17 Mbps. It offers unlimited bandwidth at a price of £20 per month.

2. Sky Unlimited Broadband is a 12-month contract deal for phone and ADSL broadband connection. The speed goes up to 17 Mbps. It offers unlimited bandwidth and has a monthly rental fee of £18.99.

3. Direct Save Telecom Broadband plus Weekend Calls is a 1-month contract for phone and ADSL broadband connection. The speed goes up to 17 Mbps. It offers 20 GB of bandwidth at the price of £28.90 per month.

4. Origin Unlimited Broadband and Phone is a 12-month contract offer for phone and ADSL broadband connection. The speed goes up to 17 Mbps. It offers unlimited bandwidth and has a price of £17.99 per month.

5. SSE Everyday Broadband and Talk Evening and Weekend is an 18-month contract deal for phone and ADSL broadband connection. The speed reaches a maximum of 17 Mbps. Unlimited bandwidth is offered at the price of £19.50 per month.

In the same fashion as fibre broadband deals, you will notice that some ADSL broadband is also offered together with telephone deals. Remember that DSL broadband connections are transmitted through phone lines. There is usually a setup cost. The offers come in 12-month or 18-month contracts, but can also be found easily in 1-month contracts. These last ones are usually more expensive. They mostly offer unlimited bandwidth at a maximum speed of 17 Mbps. The prices range from £17.99 to £28.90 (1-month contract).


These lists of offers, provided by different ISP companies in the UK market, show perfectly the differences between the two broadband connections in practice. The main ones being the speed and the price. The fibre broadband maximum internet speed is up to three times ADSL's. While the price for the ADSL broadband connection, in a monthly rental fee, is up to 14.50 pounds lower. These values should not be taken as the norm. There are a lot more companies and offers out there. But they definitely give the right feel to the advantages and disadvantages between these two types of broadband connection.

Fibre broadband internet connection is perfect for the average modern UK household. It offers the possibility of using all the devices with internet access features, without the worry of speed issues. It is the right choice for people who need high-bandwidth services, or for people who work from home. Internet Service Providers are expanding the availability of their fibre network more and more. With the new lowering prices, this is definitely not a luxury.

ADSL broadband is the choice for the households that do not need high internet speed services. It is a good choice for houses with a smaller number of people. And it is less expensive. ADSL broadband services use the phone line of your house, so they can be easily setup.

In conclusion, speed is definitely important in a broadband connection. It is a necessity in today's life. But speed is not everything. Choose the right plan of internet depending on your needs!


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