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Rural Broadband Speed Issues

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If you have an internet connection that is extremely slow and impedes your work, causing you to get immensely frustrated, then it’s time to sit down and get it sorted right now. With the internet being such a vital part of our lives in this day and age, it would be impossible to go even a few days with a slow connection, especially if you are a heavy user. This is a problem commonly faced by those who live on the outskirts of the city.

Carrying Out A Speed Check

Broadband speed issues can be easily checked by carrying out a simple speed test. This will tell you whether your speed is normal or if there is a cause for concern. In order to find out how this test is to be carried out, you can either contact your broadband provider directly for advice or check their website. You will find step-by-step instructions that need to be followed. This is a fairly easy test that even a novice can carry out, head to to see what your speeds are like.

What Causes A Slow Connection?

Both business and individuals face problems relating to slow broadband in rural areas; at least those who are lucky to have moved away from a dial-up connection. The primary cause of this drastic difference in speed options compared to urban areas is the fact that service providers may not be willing to put up the infrastructure required in such distant places, as it may not be worth their money. This results in ADSL speeds of not more than 2mb in most areas.

It must be pointed out here, that what you think might be an issue with your broadband speed, may not necessarily be so. Often, internet users confuse an issue with their own devices to be one caused by their providers. You would need to check your PC hardware as well as the settings on it to ensure that they are working well.

Similarly, if you are using a router, this little device may be the cause of your broadband speed woes. Restarting your router, especially if it has been kept on for several hours causing it to heat up, may solve the jittery connection. Furthermore, houses where a large number of devices are used by multiple people on the same broadband connection, generally tend to have slower speeds.

Always remember to close all tabs and or/ shut down all applications that you don’t need running in the background on your device. Only keep the ones that you will be using, open. A PC that hasn't been cleaned of all cached documents and data, or worse yet, one that has been infected with a virus that you are unaware of, are also possible causes.

Occasionally, a disruption of service by the provider in your area may be the cause of your slow connection.

If the issue persists or your connection has slowed down significantly compared to other days, then you would know that something is wrong. It is important to keep in mind that you should only compare any change in Internet speeds with your own previous speeds and not with that of a friend whom you choose to ask for help, for example. Service providers have different broadband options with different speeds.

What Other Options Do I Have?

If you find that it is, in fact, your ADSL connection that is giving you issues, you can alternatively switch to a satellite broadband connection. This is a costly option, and if you are not willing to dole out a good amount of money, however, this option is not for you. The costs are proportionate to the equipment that needs to be installed, which is primarily a dish. If you are willing to overlook the costs, however, you would find that this option has the best speeds in rural areas.

Mobile broadband is another option to consider. This is much cheaper than a satellite connection and the 4G option provides much faster speeds compared to its predecessors. It can also be used in the form of a dongle, attached to a port on your PC. If you are a heavy user, this is not for you, You may find that in rural areas you will not find as good the coverage as in the city, however and that you data limit is reached much faster than on other plans.

Ultimately, you would find that rural broadband issues are not as big a problem as it may initially seem to be. Simply taking heed of the advice here and understanding the possible causes, will help you find a solution to your problem within hours.

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