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Why Should I Upgrade My Router?

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Routers are often overlooked in the home, but upgrading your router can drastically enhance your Wi-Fi connections, providing faster speeds and stronger signals on all mobile and wireless devices. An advanced broadband router will improve your online experience and offer great benefits to your home network.

In most cases you will receive a free router from your ISP, that would be sufficient for home use but investing a little extra in a better broadband router will improve internet functionality and help boost activities that rely on your home Wi-Fi connection.

There are a lot of advanced broadband routers on the market that offers a wider range of added features that trump those of basic routers. Here we take a look at some of these benefits in depth:

Dual Band Routers

Currently, most broadband providers in the UK do not offer routers with dual-band capability since it is more expensive. Most of the broadband routers supplied by ISP's offer a single frequency setting, usually 2.4Ghz, which works fine for most tasks but will often lag during heavy use like streaming.

Dual band routers also offer a higher frequency setting of 5Ghz frequency that works efficiently in large file transfer and heavy data usage. In addition to faster speeds, these routers are also less affected by interference; they better secure your information while ensuring your connection works fine even with multiple users connected.

Increased Range

Houses that cover larger land areas and require wireless access across the entire property will struggle with using the cheaper broadband routers included for free in the service provider’s package.

An advanced standalone router will enhance the Wi-Fi range by making use of its more expensive antennas and reliable hardware. If your home has patios and gardens where you would like to be able to make use of the internet, taking advantage of the extended range supplied by these routers would be wise to avoid frustration. The wireless standards of your router, which can be found by looking for the specifications on the box, will determine how much of a longer range you will get as well as the faster speeds the advanced router will allow. The latest versions of wireless routers come with advanced 802.11ac technology.

Additional Ports

Most service providers will give you broadband routers that have the bare minimum features. This means that they would not come with any additional Giga bit ports that help boost speeds or ADSL port and USB ports. Having USB ports allows you connect devices such as printers directly to your home network rather than needing additional cables. USB 2.0 ports will enhance transfer speeds and provide you with more access, control and flexibility when sharing or storing content.

Multiple Access Points

For added security, support for independent/guest access is built into advanced broadband routers. This great feature gives you the ability to create multiple SSID access points and create restrictions by separating user access with your network.

In households where parents are unable to monitor all that their children get up to, this feature can help you censor explicit content they may otherwise have access to from the internet. With multiple SSID access points, you could also make certain access points unable to access the internet at specific hours of the day in order to prevent your kids from distraction when they have other tasks like homework to complete first.

These guest access points can also come in handy if you decide to run a business from your home network. You can restrict speeds on certain access points, so employees or guests are limited to slower speeds that do not affect the fast speeds of your broadband connection. This can prevent additional strain on your resources and help you save costs. Setting speed restrictions means that guest users will be unable to overuse and exceed your bandwidth limit if you do not have an unlimited plan, preventing them from creating unexpected charges and damaging your own ability to access the internet.

With advanced broadband routers, you have the other alternative of not putting speed restrictions on certain access points but setting a time limit for every user’s connection session, which means they would only be able to use your broadband connection for a short period of time and not affect the smooth use of your internet. The most important benefit of multiple SSSID access points is that they allow you to isolate guest devices in your home broadband, enabling them to connect to the internet with no direct exposure or security risks to your personal network.


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