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ADSL Broadband VS Fibre Broadband

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When it comes to deciding what broadband package to take out, there are many factors to consider. Not all broadband packages will benefit everyone, and that is why there are several things you will need to consider to decide if you need fibre or ADSL broadband.

There are benefits to each type of connection and cost usually, plays an important role in which to go for. There can be a huge gap between the price of ADSL and Fibre broadband, and if the benefits of fibre are not obvious to a user, then it is not sensible to get Fibre Broadband over ADSL. Essentially you need to go for the broadband package that fits your needs unless you intend to use the Internet more in the future with technology upgrades.

In this article, I will look at the benefits and drawbacks of both fibre and ADSL broadband to give you an idea of where you may benefit and what would work best for you.

Fibre Broadband Benefits

The most obvious benefit to fibre optic broadband is the speed capabilities it can offer. It is possible to get speeds of 10x that of ADSL Broadband in certain areas, particularly those areas which benefit from Virgin Media services. Virgin Media offer speeds up to 200MB per second for some in the VIVID 200 broadband package.

Understanding speed requirements is important in deciding whether to get fibre optic broadband or stick with ADSL. What speeds you require ultimately depends on how you use the Internet in your home and how others in your household may intend to use it.

Primarily, internet speed is important to people that download large files or need files quickly. That can be for many reasons, and one of the most common reasons to download large files at home is to watch movies and TV shows. There are many ways you can watch media at home through the Internet and it is becoming an increasingly popular way to watch TV or films. The main advantage is the ease of access to a streaming platform, with just the click of a button you can be enjoying many different TV series.

If you find yourself watching a lot of TV through Internet services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, then you may wish to consider fibre broadband due to the speeds needed to down load and stream HD and 4K content without any buffering.

Another benefit to fibre broadband is the ability to perform more than one data intensive task without a performance hit. You could have one person in your household watching a TV show on Netflix upstairs and another person playing a game online downstairs. The speeds should allow for both of these tasks to be performed without any problems. An ADSL broadband connection, on the other hand, may struggle with this.

Fibre Broadband Drawbacks

The main drawback to fibre optic broadband is the costs involved. Generally, it is hard to find any fibre broadband deal under £30 per month, and faster speeds will often be closer to £60 per month. It is possible to get discounts through deals that broadband providers will often run. However, these are rare, and if cost is an issue, then it may be sensible to go for ADSL broadband instead.

Another downside to Fibre broadband is the traffic management that is often applied to the line during peak hours. Some broadband providers will filter traffic so that certain activities are managed during peak times, and therefore speeds may be reduced quite a lot which can make you question why you opted to spend so much on a fibre service.

ADSL Broadband Benefits

ADSL broadband is slower than fibre broadband and often it can be 10x slower than fibre broadband packages which can reach speeds of up to 200mb per second. The costs associated with ADSL broadband are a lot cheaper than fibre generally, and in most cases are around half the price. It is possible to get ADSL broadband for as little as £10 per month.

In some areas fibre broadband speeds can be as low as 36mb per second and even lower if the infrastructure is bad or if you live far away from the local exchange. ADSL speeds can get up to 17mb and therefore you may actually end up paying a lot more for fibre broadband that is not that much quicker than ADSL broadband. Make sure you check what is available in your area using a broadband postcode checker.

ADSL Broadband Drawbacks

The most obvious downside to choosing an ADSL broadband package is the speed. For many tasks, the speeds associated with ADSL broadband may be insufficient and can cause slowdowns or performance issues.

Gaming is an area where speeds are very important. First and foremost the games themselves can often be over 50GB and therefore if downloading can take several hours or more on an ADSL broadband connection. With a fibre broadband connection, the same download could take 30 minutes with speeds of 200mb per second.

Online gaming is also reliant on low latency so that the console and server are more closely synced and therefore your performance is higher


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