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How Fibre Broadband Can Save You Money in Business

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When it comes to owning a business, it is very important to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. It’s no good just making do with the first thing you come across to solve a solution. The most effective solutions are the ones that work best for your business and may not be the same for every business due to the differing needs of each business. Suppliers can be a very important aspect of a business, and without the right suppliers, you may find you have big issues in business and will fall behind against your competitors.

The above also applies to broadband suppliers. While you may think that all broadband is the same and internet access is the same for everyone, there are many different elements to broadband that will differ with different broadband ISP’s. Below I will look into some of those areas and take a look into how choosing the right broadband supplier can save you money in business.

Superfast Downloads

You may think that opting to pay for superfast fibre broadband is an expensive monthly option and you can make do with standard ADSL broadband. While it would look like you are saving money on your monthly bills, you could be slowing your business down and causing tasks to take much longer than they should.

Fibre broadband was created for the purpose of speeding up commination networks, and a primary focus was the business sector due to the needs of getting work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. This applies to all business. While you may think that you won’t save much time with fibre broadband, there are many situations where speed can improve business efficiency and allow you to focus on important tasks. This can be as simple as waiting for a file to download or for a file to be sent across sites. Without fibre broadband, you could be up to 10 times slower and these valuable seconds and minutes add up.

Contention Ratio

Another important area for business broadband is the number of users accessing a server at the same time. This is called the contention ratio and each broadband ISP will have their own ratio which could be up to 50:1 or even as low as 1:1. Contention ratio is important in business as when a large amount of people are using the same server on a 50:1 ratio you are likely to notice a slowdown. These slowdowns generally occur at peak times, and you can sometimes see it in action when you access the Internet from your home during the early evening.

Just like having a slow broadband connection, a high contention ratio can slowdown a business hugely. This is why many businesses will opt to take out business broadband which may be more expensive that home broadband but it will generally come with a lower contention ratio due to the nature of the use of the broadband.

Video Conferencing

Fast broadband will be important for those businesses that use video conferencing and services like Skype or Facetime. Video conferencing is becoming increasingly common, especially in larger businesses where there are multiple sites or employees work remotely. You may have experience video conference calls where you can’t really make out the person on the other end of the line or have buffering issues. This can be extremely frustrating and often can cause the meeting to fail completely with it being rearranged for a time when you can all be together. This can often mean expensive flights in order to get everyone to the same place.

Superfast broadband, however, means that the video conference call has a better chance of being successful. If both ends of the conversation use fibre broadband connections, then the likelihood is that the video conference call will be as crisp as if they were in the same room. You’ll save a lot of money if you can get the meetings finished on time and it allows a company to be very flexible in the way they work.

Remote Access

It is becoming increasingly common to see employees work from home a number of days a week, this in itself has many efficiency benefits and is a great perk to staff. Superfast broadband at home and in the office allows staff members to access files from the work servers and quickly download anything they need without any speed issues. Remote working relies on fast broadband speeds in order to keep a fast connection. If the broadband is slow, then it defies the point of allowing employees to work from home at all.

Unlimited Downloads

Most broadband and business broadband packages now come with unlimited download limits. This makes it much more cost effective than those broadband packages with data caps. It is important in business to be able to download and upload as much as you can so that you don’t have to worry about how much you are spending on it.

Businesses are often the biggest users of data, especially those businesses with more than one employee. It can become very expensive if you take out a broadband package with a limit on it as you are likely to exceed that limit in business and end up paying a small fortune for the extra downloads.

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