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Current Broadband Deals- 20th December 2016

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Broadband deals can appear at any time of the year and finding the best deal can often be a challenge that many people in the United Kingdom love to take part in. In this blog post, I will look into the best broadband deals today and look at some ways you could bring the price down further or perhaps save in other areas.

Virgin Media 50Mb Fibre Broadband

For a limited time, you can get a great del on Virgin Media’s broadband only packages. These deals do not come with a phone line but as they are fibre broadband they are still a steal at the prices on offer.

Virgin Media SuperFibre 50 Broadband is available for £18 per month for the first 12 months. They offer superfast speeds up to 50Mb per second along with unlimited downloads. It is not always possible to get Virgin Media services in your area so make sure you check using the broadband postcode checker on their website. If you can get hold of Virgin services where you are then this is the cheapest fibre broadband deal at the moment and is equivalent to £216 per year. The only real drawback to this deal is the lack of a phone line. However, if you do not require a house phone, then this may be perfect for you.

If you require faster speeds, you can get the SuperFibre 100 deal for £5 more at £23 per month. This would be ideal for larger families who are often fighting over who is using too much bandwidth. Again this deal comes with the same features as above and no line rental.

Plusnet Fibre Broadband

If you can’t get hold of Virgin Media services in your area, then you will have to look into fibre optic services through your phone line. At the moment the best option is via Plusnet.

Plusnet offer a fibre broadband deal for £27.50 per month which is quite a bit more than Virgin Media, however it does come with the required phone line for broadband services which means that you can get a call package too.

Plusnet offer speeds up to 38MB which is just over twice the speeds of standard ADSL Broadband. The contract length is for 18 months so bear this in mind when signing up. If you are planning on moving, you may need to move this across with you.

Origin Broadband

Origin Broadband have the best ADSL Broadband deal on at the moment, and it is available until 5th Jan 2017.

Origin broadband is a small provider and can only offer services to around 90% of the country. However, their prices are very low. Currently, they offer ADSL broadband with speeds of up to 17mb per second at 17.99 including line rental. It is a 12-month contract and has unlimited downloads.

Origin also offers a fibre package up to 76mb for £27.99 for the first six months then £37.99 per month after that. This, however, is an 18-month contract in contrast to the ADSL package so cheaper deals may be available elsewhere.

One Month Rolling Contract

If you don’t wish to commit to long term deals, then Direct Save Broadband could be for you. The cost of one-month broadband deals is generally a lot more than if you were to get a 12 or 18-month contract but sometimes you may have no option if you are moving away very soon and just need a quick solution.

Direct Save Telecom offer ADSL broadband for £28.90 per month, they offer speeds up to 17mb per second. However, the biggest drawback to this package is that there is a cap of 20gb per month and therefore it makes it less attractive to power users. If you use the Internet a lot, then you can upgrade to an unlimited package which costs £33.90 per month. Set up costs for both are £24.95, so if you only plan on using it for one month, then this deal may not be great.

I would always consider using you mobile contract as a hot spot if you have a good enough signal and do not use too much data per month, it can be the ideal stopgap for times when you are not in permanent residence.

Save with Cashback

As with all deals, I mention, remember to look on the cashback sites. Quidco and Topcashback are the most recognised cashback sites and can offer over £100 of discount on some of the bigger packages.

Package Deals

If you wish to get a Television and Phone package on top of your broadband, then go to broadband suppliers like Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk or BT Broadband, and you could save quite a bit on the overall price of your package. Packages are always the best way to save money but only if you had planned on taking out a TV subscription too.


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