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Is Sky Q the Best TV Service Today?

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Most of us will have heard of Sky and the services they offer. Sky is one of the biggest Satellite companies in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world, they also provide excellent broadband services which can often be had for much less when you add them on to a TV Package. You can find out more about Sky Broadband in our complete guide to Sky Broadband.

Sky Q is the newest product offering from Sky and provides many new and unique services that make watching TV inside the home and out a lot easier. Sky Q is built upon modern technologies that allow you to watch your programs in more than one place. For example, you may be able to start watching a program downstairs and then if you decide that you want to go to bed, you can continue watching it upstairs in your room.

Sky Q utilises a lot of features that make accessing content via the Internet simple. The infrastructure itself is designed to access their database of shows and films using a broadband connection rather than receive it over the air. The core aspect of Sky is via its satellite television, however, this will only allow you to watch live TV and record. The advanced features all require a stable broadband connection.

Powered by Online Content

The content itself is sent to your Sky Q device using the Internet. A lot of the new features such as the Box Set package are only available via the Internet, and as it is now a massive element of the Sky Q premium packages, it would not be beneficial to purchase it without an Internet connection.

Sky Q also has the option to catch up with shows using connected services like BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, which can be accessed very quickly and easily via the main menu.


Sky Q multiscreen is a major component of the Sky Q package and will allow you to watch Sky TV in other areas of the house with an additional box. This additional box is clever in that it doesn’t need to be connected to the satellite dish to work. You will essentially be receiving the signal from the main Sky Q box on another area of your house. One of the best features of these extra boxes is that they also act as wireless range extenders, and so are a cost-effective way to increase your wireless signal around the house.

Watch on the Web

Sky Q has the ability to be able to watch its services on the web wherever you are. So long as you have that device as a connected device and log in using your details, you will be able to gain access to all the shows and live TV that you would normally be able to view on your Sky Q box at home.

Sky also has partnerships with web-based content providers such as Netflix and content services like College Humour and Funny or Die. These services are popular amongst younger generations and means that you do not have to open a web browser window to access this content.

Multiple Devices

Sky Q has been designed to allow multiple users to access the content from different areas of the house on different screens. It also allows users to access on devices like Android Tablets or Apple iPhone. This means that you can view the content on the move, If you are on your way to work you can access live TV and perhaps watch the highlights of the match on the weekend. For longer journeys you may want to watch a film on the train. You have the option of streaming these live or download them at home and watch them on-the-go.

Best ISP Router

Often when you sign up to a broadband provider, you will be sent a cheaply made router that does the job, but that’s about it. Router functionality is often overlooked due to the fact that many providers will offer limited functionality and the advanced features of stand-alone routers are not known about.

Sky prides itself on offering one of the best routers around, and this is especially so when you purchase a Sky Q Router. First and foremost it comes with dual band wireless connections as standard, meaning that more advanced devices can connect to a 5Ghz router and receive and send data quickly over the air. This is a perfect feature for those of you that do a lot of streaming with services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, it also means that a lot of Sky’s content can be sent to your devices around the home and is one of the major reasons why Sky decided to offer dual band as standard.

Another benefit of getting a sky router is that it is a colour coded devices meaning that you no longer have to figure out what cable goes where, all you need to know is what colour cable to use.

Cheap Broadband

If you take out a Sky Q package, you are getting one of the best televisions packages you can get, and on top of that, you will get cheaper broadband as a result. Sometimes you can even get ADSL broadband or Fibre broadband added on for free for a period of 12 months.

To see if you can get Sky Q in your area, check out our broadband postcode checker.


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