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Top Uses for Broadband Internet Over Christmas

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We’re less than a week away from Christmas, and it’s time to start panicking over those final gifts you’ve not yet got. Christmas is a busy time of year with lots of events to attend, present to buy and people to organise, it’s also a time where the family get together and can truly unwind as a whole. With that comes some quality downtime and a chance to enjoy leisure activities that you wouldn’t normally do. Many of the activities we undertake today are web-based in some way or another and in this post I will look into some of the things we require a good broadband connection for.


Over the festive period, there are plenty of Christmas specials of your favourite TV show as well as many Christmas films and events like The Queen’s Speech. All this means that there is a lot of conflict over what to watch and when. Thanks to modern television packages and services, however, it is now possible to watch both of those conflicting shows when you wish.

Catch Up television services like BBC iPlayer and 4 On Demand allow you to watch a program after is has already aired, often up to 30 days after it was first aired live. This means that if you are watching a film while the Queen’s Speech is on, no panic, you can catch it later in the evening.

New TV Packages like Sky and Virgin Media allow you to a watch different things in different parts of the house, which is great if you have families with different interest. It may be that on Boxing Day, only the boys want to watch the Boxing Day Football and the women would rather watch the Downton Abbey special. That’s no problem thanks to multiroom packages as you can watch a different program in a different room and everyone is happy. If your family is like mine and considers Christmas to be a family time then you can always compromise and catch up with any missed shows when everyone else has gone to bed.

Fast broadband can be more important over Christmas due to the extra downloads your family will be making on TV shows and films. Whether or not you watch the same thing together or in different rooms, it is likely that you won’t be watching everything live as it airs and so will be downloading as and when you wish to watch. This can cause strain on your broadband service and is a good reason to consider upgrading to fibre broadband before the Christmas period.


What would Christmas be like without Fairy tale of New York or a bit of Wham!? Class cheesy Christmas tunes always make an appearance around Christmas and getting a megamix of these songs on while you open presents or eat our turkey is an important ritual for many.

With the rise of music streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music, getting your favourite songs has become a little bit easier and means you probably won’t have to buy the Now Christmas mix from HMV this year.

Music isn’t as data intensive as TV and film but can still use up a lot of broadband bandwidth if used constantly or across several different devices. This can be especially common over the festive period due to new devices like Sonos Bluetooth speakers and gifts you may have purchased with music streaming capabilities.


Those of you with children and teenagers will understand the appeal of gaming consoles like the new PS4 Pro. Christmas is likely to be a period when you may purchase a new console or games for you children or maybe you have put a few of the newer games on your own Christmas list.

The increased usage of consoles and gaming over the Christmas period is likely to take a hit of your broadband speeds. Many console games can be up to 50GB in size and may need some large updates to be downloaded and installed on top of that.

Online gaming is also an area that requires quick broadband connections to enable an excellent gaming experience and this in itself may be a good reason to see if you can upgrade to fibre optic broadband. Latency plays an important role in any online game and fibre broadband offers the lowest latency available.

Video Calls

It is not uncommon to have friends or relatives that live all over the world today, and at Christmas, it may not always be possible to get everyone together in the same place. This is a great time to start using video calling on platforms like Skype and Apple Facetime.

Video calling can be data intensive on your broadband connection if used for prolonged periods. There will be a fair amount of data to be downloaded in video and audio with high-quality images and without fibre optic broadband you may notice some buffering or disconnections. This is not ideal when talking to family members from the other side of the world.

New Gadgets

Everyone loves to get new gadgets as gifts, and if you are like me, then you’ll have at least one new gadget to play with over the festive period. Each year there are more and more new smart gadgets appearing on the market and each will have their own requirements for broadband.

One great example of a new smart gadget is the Samsung Hub Fridge which has many different web based features. One of the best features is its ability to take images of the inside of the fridge and send it to your mobile device, allowing you to see what needs restocking whenever you head to a shop.


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