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How to Cut Your Broadband Costs

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While broadband is not a massive expense considering the breadth of activities you can do with a good broadband connection, the cost can be problematic to many that don’t take full advantage. There are many ways to cut back on the costs of accessing the Internet in your home, and you should consider how you use the Internet carefully before you commit to making any changes.

Broadband should be accessible to everyone in the UK and getting a cost effective broadband package installed in your home will be a key deciding factor in whether or not it is a justifiable outgoing for many households. Below I will take a look into ways to get a good deal and where you might be able to save costs.

Do You Really Need Fibre?

Many broadband providers will try to convince you that fibre optic broadband is essential today and that a standard ADSL line just won’t cut it. Bear in mind though that they are a broadband company and are looking to maximise sales, it’s obvious to see that fibre broadband packages will make the ISP a lot more money than a standard ADSL package and so they will try to sell you that first and foremost.

Whether you actually need fibre optic broadband in your home comes down to how you and your family use the Internet. For many large families, it can be very important to have a fast connection and capabilities to allow you to download as much data when you want. In smaller households, however, the speeds of fibre are a luxury and may not always be justified with your usage. If you don’t stream a lot of television or films and are not often found in front of your computer playing games, then you probably aren’t going to need speeds of 200 MB per second. Especially if all you are using the Internet for is to send a few emails, go on Facebook and maybe watch the odd Youtube video. I guarantee you will not notice any difference between ADSL and Fibre broadband. Yes, you may see that the Youtube video has loaded loads quicker, but it will still start to play at the same time and ADSL is quick enough to handle most Youtube videos.

Pay for What You Need

Many broadband packages will have unlimited download associated with the package. While the idea of being unrestricted in how much you can download, it is not always necessary to have such a large download limit. You can often end up spending quite a bit more on your monthly package by having an unlimited broadband deal, and if you don’t ever exceed 50 or 100gb per month, then you may be paying over the odds.

It is important to figure out how much data your household currently use the Internet before deciding what is best for you. It is possible to gather data from your current broadband provider to show how much you are using the broadband connection. If you can’t find this information readily on your account with the ISP, then send an email to the customer service asking them just how much you are using each month. You may be surprised by how little you use. If you do find that you do not exceed some of the smaller package amounts, then ask to switch over to them.

Get a Package Deal

Many broadband providers now offer package deals which include television and phone deals. Companies such as Sky Broadband, BT Broadband, Virgin Media, and TalkTalk are the main suppliers for complete packages.

You could benefit by taking out all services with one of these providers if you had planned to have all of them anyway. If you already have Sky TV or Virgin Media, you can find out how much more it would cost to add-on broadband and phone to your current package. More often that not it will work out cheaper than if you were to get it from an ISP individually.

The benefit to getting a package deal is that you will also gain many extra add-ons such as premium sports and movie channels as well as access to many on-demand features like Sky’s Box Set access. With Sky and Virgin, you are able to access a large database of Tv shows and films for free if you take out a big enough package with them.

Most of these companies will offer broadband for as little as £5 on top of a Tv package which is a steal.

Haggle your Price

It can be possible to haggle the price of your broadband down if you are prepared to play providers off each other. If you plan to do this, it is important to find the lowest price packages available and write down the features of each. Providers will try to claim their package is better, and that is why they charge more so make sure you fact check on things like contention ration or maximum speeds before calling them to haggle the price. You can also do this with an existing provider if you have seen a cheaper deal elsewhere.

Use Cashback and Vouchers

It is possible to get up to £150 cashback with some broadband suppliers through sites like Quidco and Topashback, take a look at those sites before making a purchase.

There may also be some promo codes available with certain companies, check on sites like to see if there are any currently available.

Use your Mobile Data Plan

If you do not download large amounts of data, and only use your phone or laptop to do small tasks such as check email or Facebook occasionally, you may be able to use your mobile phones data plan as an access point for the Internet. Consider your usage before deciding what is best for you, if you do decide to find a new supplier, take a look on the main page of our site for current broadband deals.


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