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The Most Common Ways to Connect to The Internet

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Connecting to the Internet is necessary for the majority of the United Kingdom, with 90% of people saying that broadband is an essential part of their household. There are many different wats which you can connect to the Internet in the United Kingdom and abroad and each will have its own merits, often it comes down to location as to what kind of internet connection can be made. Below I’ll look into the most common ways to connect to the Internet and the technology needed to do so.

Wired Ethernet Cables

Before wireless routers were commonplace, the only way to connect to the Internet was by using Ethernet cables connected to your computer or device. This involves an Ethernet cable going from your computers Ethernet port to the router Ethernet port. Many offices still use this technology as it is more reliable and generally achieves higher speeds that through wireless connectivity.

If you have many devices or many wireless routers in the same area, you can often get a conflict with devices or other wireless access points in the area. This is due to the technology clashing over the air, and often there can be conflicts with different routers using the same wireless channel.

For that reason wired Ethernet connections are considered much more reliable for business as there generally isn’t any problems with conflicts or signal interference. If you need a stable connection, consider installing Ethernet cables to your router as opposed to relying on wi-fi.

The benefit of wired connectivity over wireless is that a signal will always be present so long as the cable is connected. With wireless, there are several reasons why you may lose connection. For example, certain objects in the home can interfere with wireless signals as well as electrical storms in the area.

Wireless Connection

Wireless connection is very common today, and the majority of connections to the Internet will actually be via a wireless connection to a wireless router. The reason it is so common is due to its flexibility. A lot of new devices will come with wi-fi capabilities as standard and make it so much easier to use a device anywhere in the home.

Wireless connectivity is more common in a home setting than in business due to the need to be able to connect many different types of devices. A laptop, for example, is more likely to need to connect to your router via a wireless connection than wired as you will often be unplugging cables and moving to other rooms or taking it away from home.

The majority of people now connect to the Internet with a mobile for the first time every. In the past, most people would be viewing a website on a desktop or laptop, but now they are more likely to view a website on a mobile device. Mobile devices will rely on being able to access the Internet and your router via a wireless signal as it is virtually impossible to connect a smartphone to your router in the conventional, wired way.

Mobile Connection

Due to the increased usage of smartphones in today’s society, a mobile internet connection is often essential for everyday use. Mobile networks now have extensive 4G capabilities and allow people to get speeds of up to 20mbs on certain networks. The current fastest is EE.

Mobile connections have the benefit of allowing people to connect to the Internet on the move; this means they can even communicate to people and stream videos in a moving car. This is the obvious benefit to a mobile connection, being able to stay connected to the Internet when you leave the house is a massive draw to using mobile to access the Internet.

Satellite Connection

In certain areas, it may not be possible to gain access to a stable and fast ADSL or fibre connection and therefore alternative technology is required. Satellite broadband technology does not rely on any cables to be present in the area, you can use a satellite dish to receive a signal providing that you have a clear, unobstructed view to the south.

Satellite broadband comes with its problems and it mainly the cost involved. As with mobile internet connections, a satellite broadband connection will have a data cap, meaning that if you are a power user, you will soon reach the cap and have to pay extra for more usages.

Another issue is weather, which can affect the signal that is beamed to your dish. In poor weather such as heavy wind or rain it is likely that the connection will be disrupted and often you will be unable to gain a stable connection until the weather has died down.

If you own a motorhome, satellite broadband is ideal. Unless you live in the motorhome, you will likely only need the connection every once in a while and so won’t have a problem with the data cap that is usually applied. Also being able to connect to the same connection wherever you travel to is ideal when camping in different, often remote locations in the UK or abroad.

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