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2016’s Most Popular Mobile Phones

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These days, mobile phones are BIG business. Almost everyone has one, whether it be a simple device or a more advanced smartphone. Most of us use our mobile phones to access home broadband via a Wi-Fi connection, or when out of the house via a mobile internet connection through 3G or 4G.

Whatever you use your mobile for, there’s plenty of different devices out there that you can use to get online, as well as a whole host of other uses. Here, Broadband Compare UK has compiled our top 5 mobile phones of 2016, so that you can take the pick of the bunch.

5: The OnePlus 3T

The 3T is OnePlus’ first attempt at breaking into the western market. The Chinese mobile manufacturer has dropped some serious kit here and has made the number 5 spot on our list as a result.

We really loved the display on the 3T. The colours are especially vibrant thanks to the incorporation of an optic AMOLED display, and the resolution is excellent. Dual polarisation makes the screen easier to view in direct sunlight – a problem that plagues many a smartphone. In addition to this, the screen is a whopping 5.5” in height, so there’s no squinting at some pathetically small device while you watch films on the go.

The phone uses the Android operating system, which means it can be customised if the user wishes. The gubbins inside the 3T are pretty impressive as well. A beastly 6GB of ram, alongside the device’s quad-core processor, means this phone can run faster than a cheetah.

The 3T is VERY cheap as well, but don’t let this put you off – this is one killer device.

4: The LG G5

LG’s G5 mobile phone takes the number 4 spot on our list. Gone are the strange features that plagued the G4, such as the leather case, the weirdly positioned volume slider, and the curves that made dropping the phone that bit more of a risk. In place, they’ve added some quirky new features.

Firstly, the phone is a modular device. You can add a more superior camera, as well as a selection of other items, thanks to the phone’s removable base – which is great for customising your phone. The battery can also be changed – a feature that most manufacturers seem to have completely removed from their devices.

The device comes complete with 4GB of RAM and quad-core processors under the bonnet, so there is plenty of horsepower there.

3: iPhone 7

No top 5 phones list should be without an Apple phone, and their latest iPhone 7 is one of the best you’ll find. The phone is still very expensive – Apple doesn't seem to be letting up on the pricing involved in their smartphones.

The features are great, however, as you get a good quality camera (although not as good as some devices at 12MP), plus the usual extras that you would expect from an iPhone. The phone doesn’t come with a headphone jack, which is a little annoying, but you do get an adapter with the phone. That doesn’t make the lack of a built-in headphone jack any less annoying, though.

2: Samsung Galaxy S7

The Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s top spec mobile phone, and it really is a game changer. The phone is good enough to take the second spot in our top 5 mobile phones of 2016. The screen is crafted from ultra-durable Gorilla glass and features a sleek aluminium chassis. The handset is also nice and thin, meaning it doesn’t take up too much pocket space.

The phone’s guts are just as impressive, with a breath-taking octa-core processor, HD display, and the battery life is superb.

The phone is even capable of wireless charging and comes packed with a fingerprint sensor. You can even monitor your heart rate with it!

1: Google Pixel

Google have ditched the Nexus tag, and have released an absolutely stunning smartphone – The Google Pixel. The phone runs on Android (obviously), and as it is a Google phone, will run the stock version, meaning you don’t need all the bloatware that your phone provider puts on there to annoy you.

The specs of the device are really top-notch, and you can get the device in standard, or XL size. The only difference between the two is the size of the screen, so if you want your phone to act like more of a phablet, then you won’t be disappointed.

Google’s Pixel phone deservedly takes the top spot in our top 5 mobile phones of 2016. But what does 2017 hold? We’ll have to wait to find out.


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