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Your Guide to accessing US Netflix in the UK

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You may be aware of the fact that Netflix in the USA is different in the UK. The US version of the popular movie and TV streaming app has a much wider selection of TV series and films that are available to its audience. This is a tad unfair.

However, Broadband Compare UK is here to help, with a workaround that will allow you to watch the US version of Netflix from right here in the UK. So you can watch a wider variety of TV shows without the need to buy an expensive plane ticket every time you want to watch a show that isn’t available in the UK.

You can achieve this on almost any device, by using a VPN. There’s information on how to set up a VPN in our handy VPN guide, but assuming you have a VPN set up already, here’s how to enjoy some stateside viewing.

Getting access to US Netflix was once possible in the UK by using a VPN instead of your regular broadband internet connection. There were plenty of different VPNs you could use – NordVPN or Buffered included – and once you had installed the software and signed up to VPN service, you were good to go.

Unfortunately, this process doesn’t work anymore. Netflix has blocked access to its service via some VPNs, so this workaround is now obsolete for most users. You may have to try another little trick to get access to US Netflix.

Netflix recently changed its T&Cs to state that users “agree not to: circumvent, remove, alter, deactivate, degrade or thwart any of the content protections in the Netflix service." Not only that, but they have also said "We may terminate or restrict your use of our service, without compensation or notice if you are, or if we reasonably believe that you are (i) in violation of any of these Terms of Use or (ii) engaged in illegal or improper use of the service."

So, if you are virtually travelling to the US by using a VPN or similar proxy server to access Netflix, then you risk having your service completely blocked, and be banned from Netflix altogether. This means that users may well try other illegal avenues to access their entertainment, such as torrent sites or illegal streaming sites. This isn’t good for anyone, in particular, the makers of the shows that are you are procuring illegally.

Now that you are aware of the risks involved, here’s how to access the US Netflix using a VPN (don’t forget, though, this might not work for good – Netflix is hot on the heels of those VPN services which are offering workarounds, and they risk being blocked).

This solution will only work if you are using a PC, Mac, or Android tablet. It won’t work on a console, iDevice or a smart TV.

First, obtain a VPN. NordVPN is a good place to start as it costs a mere $5.75 per month, providing you sign up for a year. This carries a 30-day refund policy if you are unhappy with the service. Once you have downloaded the software, install it then launch the application.

When you open the application, you should see that you can select the country from which you would like to appear as though you are accessing the internet. Choose the USA by clicking on the flag. You can then access US Netflix via the VPN server.

Attempting to access US Netflix on an alternative device such as a PlayStation or Xbox is a more complicated process. It requires the user to change some of the DNS (Domain Name Server) settings on their device, and this comes with its own set of complications.

You can find out how to do this with a quick Google search, but it isn’t for the faint of heart as the process can be quite long-winded and doesn’t always work. You may find that one of the DNS numbers will direct you to a spurious website, or one which installs unwanted software on your device.

Nobody wants this, so for our users, we recommend only using a PC to access the US version of Netflix, and even then you should exercise caution as your account may be blocked completely.


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