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Using a PS4 controller on your PC

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If you have recently jumped ship from console gaming to PC gaming, then you may be finding it a bit of a struggle to get used to the different controls. Using a mouse and a keyboard to play your games can result in the screen whizzing about in all different directions while you resist the temptation to throw your mouse at the wall in frustration.

Plus, your PS4 controller may be sat there just doing absolutely nothing and gathering some rather unattractive dust. If this is the case, and you would like to use your PS4 controller to play PC games, then you can, you just need to follow the steps in Broadband Compare UK’s guide to connecting your PS4 controller to your PC.

A lot of people have made the switch from console to PC gaming, and for different reasons. They may want access to more titles or play PS3 games on a PC using PlayStation’s PS Now service.

If you want to play games online, don’t forget that you need a fast, stable broadband connection. For this, we recommend having a high-speed fibre broadband connection, and you should also have unlimited downloads if possible.

This will mean that your games will run smoothly, you can download updates quickly, and you will be able to download as many huge updates as you need to – all important if you want to avoid a nasty surprise on your next broadband bill.

How to use your PS4 controller on a PC

In order for you to be able to use your PS4 controller to play PC games, then the developer of the game must add support for the device at programming stage. Unfortunately, not all of them do, but thankfully there is a way around this issue.

You can now map your PS4 controller to your PC using specialist software that will fool your PC, and the game you want to play, into thinking that you are using a regular Xbox 360 games controller. This works by mapping the control pad to the Windows Xinput API, so your computer will see the pad as an Xbox controller – no need to rush down to your nearest games store an shell out a small fortune on a new PC controller or Xbox pad. No, sir! You can use your existing Dualshock 4 pad, normally only compatible with your PlayStation 4!

What application is it, and how do I use it?

The first step is to download InputMapper. This is an application that fools your PC into thinking your PS4 gamepad is actually an Xbox pad. Head over to their site and download the app. Once you have the downloaded installation file, launch it and install the software on your PC.

Next, you need to connect the Playstation 4 controller to your PC. We recommend using the USB charging lead and connecting that to the USB port on your PC or laptop. You could use it over Bluetooth, but this is a less stable connection, so stick with a wired connection for now.

If you simply must have a wireless Bluetooth connection, then just hold the share button and the PS button down on the controller. This puts the pad into ‘share mode,' and is signified by the controller’s light flashing. Once you have carried out this step, you can connect it to your PC via Bluetooth, by pairing the two devices.

Finally, you just need to open the InputMapper app, and you are good to go! You will see how when you open the application; your PS4 controller appears in the list of connected devices. This means that you will be able to use your PS4 gamepad to play games as though it were an Xbox pad.

While this works in most cases, sometimes you might encounter a game that isn’t compatible with the application. You should note at this point that InputMapper is still a work in progress, and as such you will encounter issues of this nature every so often.

If you do suffer this problem, then open the settings in the application and click the box labeled ‘Exclusive Mode.' Test the game again, and you may find that this option has worked and you can carry on with using the PS4 controller with your PC game.

You should ensure that InputMapper is open when you wish to play your game. The application can be instructed to open when Windows starts up, and shouldn’t use up too much of your valuable start-up resources in the process. Also, don’t forget that because you are using a PS4 pad, the button labels will differ to those in the game (which will display as Xbox control labels – A, B, and so on).

There are really no other ways to play games with a gamepad unless you buy a dedicated PC game controller, or an Xbox 360 or Xbox one pad. These need to be connected via a wire, as there is currently no way to connect an Xbox pad via Bluetooth to your PC.


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