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Downloading Music from YouTube

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There are numerous reasons as to why you would want to download YouTube videos as a music file. MP3 can be stored on your device for listening on the go, and with so much music uploaded to YouTube every day. This is an excellent option if you would like to download an entire live performance from your favourite band, or tracks by an amateur band that you would like to listen to on your way into work.

Here, Broadband Compare UK will guide you through the process, so you can get hold of the tracks you want, that might not be available anywhere else. We don’t condone stealing music, but what you do is up to you, and if you want to get hold of a unique live performance of your favourite song to listen to when you can’t access YouTube, this might be the only way.

Again, we don’t advocate this practice; if you want to go ahead and do it that is your call, this is simply a guide to how you can.

You will need a couple of extra things before you do this. You will need access to YouTube; a stable broadband internet or mobile internet connection; and a device to place the MP3 files on if you want to play them on the move.

Step One

The process is simple. You first have to copy the video URL, by right clicking the video and selecting that option. Alternatively, you can copy the URL from the address bar, or obtain it by hitting the share button on your mobile device and copying the URL that way.

Step Two

Secondly, you need a website that can convert the URL into an MP3 file. We used, which was the simplest method of converting the tracks into a listenable, downloadable format. Right-click the search field in the website, and then click ‘paste’ to insert the URL into the search bar.

Step Three

You then enter the track info so that it tags the file correctly when it has finished the conversion. You can enter things like the name of the artist, the track title, the genre, the album name and the date the track was released. Plenty of info for your device to recognise the tags on the file once the conversion is complete.

Step Four

Finally, hit the ‘Convert Now’ button to change the file into an MP3. ThatMP3 will convert the track into a readable MP3 file, which you can then download via the ‘Download Your MP3’ button. This will save it to the directory on your computer that your browser is directed to, and you can send it to your mobile device from here. Note, however, that the time the conversion takes will depend entirely on exactly how long the video is on YouTube.

There are many other options available to you if you want to listen to music while you travel, via your mobile device.

Spotify allows you to save files to your phone to listen to offline. To do this, go to the album in question, and hit the button that says ‘Download Music.' This stores a version of the track on your phone. Then, head to settings, and hit ‘offline mode.' This prevents your phone from streaming music, and only allows you to play music stored offline. You won’t use up any of your precious mobile data this way. You do need a premium account, though.

Alternatively, you can use iTunes on an iPhone. This downloads the music to your phone so you can listen to it whenever you please.

You should make use of your home broadband connection if you wish to download any form of music on your platform of choice. Downloads should be quick and easy to manage, and the connection will be reliable. More importantly, you won’t be using up any of your precious mobile data, so you don’t risk running out halfway through the month and having to pay for additional data when your next mobile bill comes in.

Remember, this is just a guide. We don’t recommend stealing the work of artists, which they have spent a lot of time and effort making for your enjoyment. If you do decide to rip music from YouTube, then please only download things that you have the rights to, so you don’t end up in any legal trouble.


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