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Making video calls on WhatsApp

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Do you know that you are now able to make video calls via WhatsApp, on your mobile phone? No? Well, lucky for your we at Broadband Compare UK do, so now you don’t need to have an iPhone to Facetime your friends and family – you can do it on WhatsApp instead, which is available to everyone via their native app store.

WhatsApp has now released an update which allows you to video call your contacts that also use the app. In order to access it, you first need to make sure that you have the updated version of the app, so if it hasn’t updated automatically, head over to your app store now and update the app.

Once you have the latest update, you’re ready to make video calls. WhatsApp has stated that they are introducing this feature because we know that sometimes voice and text just aren’t enough," and they “want to make these features available to everyone, not just those who can afford the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks."

This is news for anyone who wants to have a video call with their friends, but different operating systems (such as IOS vs. Android) have prevented them in the past. It is really easy to contact your friends via a WhatsApp video call.

To do so on IOS, all you need to do is tap the video camera icon on the messaging screen, and you’ll be connected to your best buddy via a video link up. Easy! The process is just a simple on Android. Just hit the phone button on the messaging screen, select the video camera, and hey presto there’s your friend’s ugly mug staring right back at you.

WhatsApp Video Conferences

You can use an additional app called Booyah to make video calls on WhatsApp, but that feature is kind of obsolete now that WhatsApp has this function itself. You simply have to install Booyah and WhatsApp on the devices of everyone who you want to contact via video calls and then when you invite them to your video call; they will receive a message allowing them to join the chat. So that works pretty well too.

The feature isn’t limited to just having a one-to-one video call though, you can also have a group video chat – ideal for if you want to organise a meeting time for Friday’s big night out, or to argue about which of the Kardashians is best and you want to see the reactions on your friends’ faces when you say it is Courtney.

To do this, you simply have to add your friends directly to the video call from the list of displayed users. This doesn’t always work, as all your friends with Booyah installed may not show up, but hopefully, as more Booyah updates a released, they will iron out these little problems so you can group chat away to your heart’s content.

If you want to make video calls, we advise that you have your mobile phone connected to your home broadband network. This way you won’t use any of your valuable mobile data. In addition to this, you will likely have a more stable internet connection, so your video calls won’t drop out at crucial moments in the conversation.

Your broadband connection will likely be high speed and unlimited upload, so the data won’t matter either.

We are advising users of WhatsApp’s video calls option to exercise caution when using the app. We have discovered that certain unpleasant scammers have been inviting people to websites, via a link sent through WhatsApp to activate video calling. This is a fake message and has been used by scammers to gain access to people’s phones and steal their data or install malware. You will only be able to update through the IOS App Store or the Google Play Store on Android.


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