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Your Guide to Broadband for Heavy Usage

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Here at Broadband Compare UK, we understand that some people use broadband a hell of a lot. It may be that you stream a lot of movies from services such as Netflix, or you play a lot of online games which use up vast amounts of data.

With heavy usage in mind, we have come up with a handy guide to help you decide on the best broadband package for your needs, so you can still get your fix of movies and games without running out of juice.

What is the most suitable broadband package for heavy users?

Those of us who download a lot of data will, without a shadow of a doubt, need a fast connection. Without this, we will find that our games don’t load quickly or lag, and films we stream will be endlessly buffering – no fun for anyone!

The best broadband package in this case would be a superfast fibre optic connection. These will typically offer you around 38Mb minimum download speed minimum, and 200Mb maximum. Obviously, these speeds depend on who your broadband provider is.

At one time, it was the case that you paid a lot for fibre broadband. Not any more, as the market is quite saturated with fibre broadband providers, so you’ll find that you can get a good connection speed at a cheap price. Fibre broadband is offered by most providers now, so the likes of TalkTalk, BT, and Virgin Media can supply you with a fibre connection.

Unfortunately, fibre broadband is not available across the whole of the UK, but if you want to know if you can get it where you live, just pop your postcode into our checker, and see if any of the packages available to you include a fibre broadband connection.

If fibre isn’t currently available in your area, then you can opt for a standard ADSL connection. This means you will pay less than those that do get fibre, and you can opt for an unlimited downloads package which won’t add much to the cost.

Unlimited packages

If you are a heavy broadband user, then you will definitely need an unlimited download package. There’s no way you will want to be hit with an horrific bill because you went over your usage limit three days into the month.

The likes of TalkTalk and Sky don’t limit your broadband at peak times, so you’re pretty safe with them. PlusNet and Virgin do limit your broadband speed at peak times, however, so bear this in mind when you’re looking for a new package.

How can I find out if I’m a heavy user?

Different people do different things online. Some play a lot of games online, while others only use the internet to send the odd email or two. If you’re the former as opposed to the latter, then it is likely that you fall into the heavy usage category.

Some of the activities that will really hit your usage hard are:

Carrying out just one of these activities won’t necessarily make you a ‘heavy user’, but if you do undertake two or three of these pursuits, then you’re more likely to slip into that category.

To find out your usage, there are plenty of free programs you can download to find out exactly how much data you do use. These applications monitor both your download and upload activity, and you can check how much data you use, and at what times, simply by the click of a button.

Just make sure that if you do download heavily, you have an unlimited package with a high connection speed.

Choosing the right package

If you want to pick the right broadband for your needs, then you can use our postcode checker to find out what broadband is available in your area, and how much it costs. You’ll also be able to find out if you can get high speed fibre broadband, and whether there is a limit on your download activity.


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