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What are my options with pay-as-you-go-broadband?

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While most people will opt for a contract when it comes to their broadband package, some would prefer a PAYG (pay-as-you-go) service. There could be several reasons for this. You may only need access to broadband for a limited period, or you may not want to opt into a broadband contract. If this the situation you find yourself in, then you will possibly benefit more from a PAYG package.

Broadband Compare UK can assist you in obtaining a broadband package which is provided on a PAYG basis. Here, we have compiled a guide to assist you in finding the best PAYG package for you.

30 Day Broadband

One great way to avoid entering into a broadband contract is to opt for a 30-Day rolling contract. These are ideal for anyone who doesn’t need broadband for the usual 12 to 18-month minimum term that is associated with regular broadband packages.

The advantage with a 30-day rolling contract is that you can cancel it at any time without paying a fee. As you are only committed to the contract for 30 days, there is no issue with cancellation fees, which is great news.

In addition to this, 30-day broadband is normally provided through a fixed line, and so can be significantly more reliable than mobile broadband. There is only one disadvantage of a 30-day broadband contract, and that is that it may cost a little more than an average broadband package per month.

Now, let us take a look at what providers offer a 30-day rolling contract.

Now TV

Everything that Now TV offers is based on a 30-day contract. This includes TV and landline as well as broadband. Now TV offers high-speed fibre broadband, which means speeds of up to 76Mb, and you have no download limits so you can stream movies and music as much as you like.

In addition to this, you can opt for their TV package, which gives you access to sports, movies and TV shows on both a live and ‘box set’ basis. Great news if you’re an entertainment addict!


PlusNet also offers an unlimited broadband package on a PAYG basis. The speeds aren’t as high as they are with a fibre connection – this runs over ADSL, so you are looking at speeds of around 17Mb. This is available without a contract, and you can cancel without penalty as long as you do so with ten days’ notice.

As the name suggests, the broadband is unlimited, so go right ahead and stream as many films as you please – there’s no cap on the data you can download.

Capped Broadband

If you tend not to need to access the internet very often, then a broadband package with a usage limit could be the best option for you. This means that you can get broadband access on the occasions when you need it most but at a very low fee.

The one factor you need to consider about this kind of package is that you will be subject to a download limit, so if you plan to stream movies, then this certainly won’t be the best package for your needs, as streaming movies can reflect pretty heavily on your data usage.

The great thing about capped broadband, though, is that you will hardly pay anything for your broadband connection – often you will find that you are only paying a few pounds more than the cost of the line rental. In some situations, you could find that you have to pay nothing at all other than the line rental!

The download limits vary but tend to be around the 25GB mark per month, so if you only need to jump on the internet every now and again, then you’re probably going to find that this kind of broadband package is best for you. So, you can access the internet when you need it, at a very low cost.

Providers offering this service include TalkTalk, PlusNet, Sky, and EE. If you switch phone provider too, then you can benefit from more savings!

Mobile Broadband

Several mobile providers also offer broadband services, and these are available as a pay as you go service. More often than not, this will involve connecting to the internet via a dongle that is plugged into your computer’s USB connection.

The network runs over the same one as your mobile phone, so data is delivered via 4G or 3G networks. As mentioned, this may be delivered via a dongle, but data may also be sent via a personal hotspot or a router – this simply depends on your provider.

If you wish, you can use your existing mobile phone as a connection and use the mobile data available on there – just remember that this can be capped, so you don’t want to run out of data on your phone if you are using it as a mobile hotspot.

You can obtain mobile broadband through most mobile networks, including O2, Three, EE, and Vodaphone. Just remember that you are paying as you go, so keep a close eye on the amount of data you are using. If you think you may be likely to go over your limit, then a 30-day rolling contract will be much better for you.

The advantage of mobile broadband is that it is just that – mobile. You can use your package anywhere that you can receive a mobile broadband signal. The only thing we will remind you of is the cost – you will pay more for mobile broadband when compared to a fixed line contract, so bear this in mind when you sign up.


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