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Step-by-step Guide: Installing a new broadband line

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If you are moving house and your new property has no internet access, or you’re considering getting a further broadband line installed in your home. If so, then Broadband Compare UK have put together this handy step-by-step guide to broadband installation.

We’ve looked at several different kinds of broadband line provider so you can decide what is the best course of action for you. The point to remember is, if you want an internet connection, you’ll need a phone line installing. Here’s the lowdown.

BT Openreach

Having a line installed for broadband.

This is probably the simplest method of having a broadband line installed. You simply need to select a package from the list we present to you based on your postcode and your requirements, sign up to the package, the engineer will come and hook you up, done! Easy as pie.

Providers who operate on the Openreach network, such as Sky, TalkTalk, and BT, will all install a line in your home if you are taking a broadband package out with them. Once you’ve signed up the ball is in their court.

Once you have signed up, as said, an engineer will need to visit your home. This is normally done by appointment. So just make sure you jot your appointment date down and are in when he calls, or you will be charged for a return (if you’re not being charged already).

What costs are involved?

Most providers will allow you to have a phone line installed for nothing providing you are taking broadband out with them.

Line rental charges are different. Providers such as BT will charge up to £50 for activation of an old phone line, and up to £130 for a new one.

What if I don’t want to sign up for a broadband package just yet?

If you’re not after a package, but still want a line installing, then contact your provider, request that they install a new line, pay the required fee, and then an engineer will call out, and you can have the line installed.

If this is the case, you will need to pay a fee. Currently, BT is charging £50 to reactivate an old line; £65 for a new line ordered online; or if you order the installation in any other manner, the cost is £135.

The installation fee may be waived in certain situations, although this is unlikely and doesn’t happen very often.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media has its own broadband network and doesn’t piggyback on the Openreach network. If you’re looking for a package from Virgin, then you simply need to type your postcode into our availability checker to make sure it is available in your area; if it is, great! Choose the deal that best matches your needs; the engineer will call out and install the line for you; hey presto! Broadband is installed!

Virgin won’t connect you to a broadband line if you aren’t taking out a package with them. The reason for this is quite simple – you can’t do anything other than receive Virgin Media services through their own network.

As with Openreach providers, make sure you are available when the engineer calls. This will be by appointment only so make a note of the date and time.

What costs are involved?

The only cost you will incur is Virgin Media’s activation fee, which currently stands at £14.99.

So, what happens when the engineer arrives?

When the engineer calls at your home, there are just a few more steps to go through in order to have your broadband installed.

Firstly, the engineer will call at your home at the appointed time agreed when you took out your broadband package. When he arrives, he will advise you on the most appropriate place to install your equipment based on where you will use the broadband most, and where you will receive the best signal based on where the router will be positioned.

The engineer will then begin to install the appropriate cabling. They will do some fiddling around in the street cabinet as well, as they will have to connect your home to this in order for you to receive broadband.

They will install any interior cabling along skirting boards, in a way that makes them as unobtrusive as possible. This means they won’t be taking any of your floorboards up – everything is installed in accessible areas in case of any future issues.

As soon as your engineer has finished installing all of the equipment, and switched on your router and any other equipment he has installed, then you simply have to confirm that your line is active – usually, this happens via email or text message, but it may involve a quick phone call.

With these steps done and dusted, you can get online, and start enjoying the benefits of your broadband package.


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