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Should I Upgrade to Fibre Broadband in 2017

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Fibre broadband is becoming more commonplace in the United Kingdom and many of us will be itching to upgrade to those superfast speeds that fibre broadband can offer. However, the question that many of you may be asking is do I need to upgrade and what benefits will I see if I do upgrade. Below I will look at the pro’s and con’s of upgrading to fibre broadband and hopefully it will allow you to see if it will benefit you to upgrade in the New Year.

Reasons For Upgrading


One of the biggest benefits of fibre optic broadband are the speeds it can offer users. While these numbers may not mean much to a lot of people, it is obvious that the bigger the number, the faster the speed will be. When it comes to watching Television shows or movies, faster speeds will generally mean a better viewing experience.

A lot of TV shows and movies today will be broadcast in High Definition, which means that devices must be capable of downloading a lot of data. The longer the show or film, the more data that is required to download. However, the main reason for faster speed fibre optic broadband is when streaming HD movies. Without fast speeds, it can be problematic when streaming High Definition due to the amount of data that needs to be downloaded at once in order to have an uninterrupted viewing experience.

If you have more than one broadband dependent activity in your household at once, it may become tricky to watch a TV show or film at all. When sharing an ADSL broadband connection, the conflicting activities will fight for bandwidth and can slow each other down. It is a common occurrence in households with ADSL to take turns on using the Internet, and if you are streaming, no other activities should take place for optimal viewing.


When it comes to gaming, high-speed Internet is very important. Gaming has to be one of the most data-intensive activities for your broadband connection, and without fibre broadband, gaming can become very unenjoyable for some. Especially when you are downloading the newest game on your device and have to wait several hours before you can begin.

With the increase of high-definition games, the need for fibre broadband grows. Just like streaming a TV show or film, having fast broadband is essential in order for a game to stream correctly and also for you to be able to enjoy online gaming. Online gaming without fibre optic broadband can be challenging, especially due to latency. Latency allows data to be transferred quickly from server to client and the lower your latency the better your gaming experience. Fibre optic broadband has much lower latency than ADSL Broadband and so it make online gaming better for power users.


If you operate a business, you will be familiar with the need for operations to run as smoothly an efficiently as possible. In business, slow broadband can make all the difference, in fact, I have known it to cause businesses to fail in the past as they could not operate efficiently and tasks took much longer than they should do.

If you opt to take out fibre broadband for your business, you should start to notice an improvement in efficiency with staff. Fibre optic broadband will allow for fast video conferencing if you use it in your business. Which means that you won’t be struggling to understand what the person in Hong Kong is trying to say as the video buffers.

Reasons Against Upgrading

High Costs

One of the biggest reasons for people not upgrading to fibre optic broadband is the cost. Often the cost of fibre optic broadband can be double or more than ADSL broadband. For that extra cost per month to be justified, the user has to make use of the extra fibre speeds on offer. Currently, the cheapest fibre optic broadband is around £30 per month with BT Broadband, and it is possible to get ADSL broadband for closer to £10 with some providers.

Whether or not you should pay the extra for faster speeds comes down to each individual users needs. I would suggest that if you have a large family with growing teenagers, a fast fibre optic broadband service will be needed sooner than you think, especially if you are planning on buying your kids some new shiny gaming consoles this Christmas.

Would You Benefit?

Ass above, if you won’t be using fibre optic broadband to its full potential then it probably isn’t worth upgrading yet. Take into account how you use the Internet right now. Do you stream a lot of films or TV on your Netflix or even through Sky on demand? If you watch Tv live through a dish or aerial, then you probably won’t need the extra speeds for entertainment purposes.

If however, you are into your online gaming, fibre optic is a must! Large downloads and the need for low latency is important to any pro gamer, and fibre optic provides the ideal platform to play. No more waiting for the game to update for the next hour and no more getting phantom kills.

Is it Available?

Before you do look into getting fibre optic broadband, make sure it is available in your area. Virgin Media offer the fastest broadband speeds and so check their first before you commit to someone else. Also, check out the local broadband deals on our website.


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