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Is Fibre Broadband Available in My Area?

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Fibre broadband is the fastest consumer broadband available. Many people now need a fibre broadband connection and the super-quick speeds that come with it. Here, Broadband Compare UK takes a look at how you can find out if fibre broadband is available in your area.

Fibre broadband is fairly new on the scene. This, unfortunately, means that it isn’t available across the whole country just yet. So, while the arrival of fibre broadband is good news for some, it is less so for others.

Most highly populated areas of the UK are able to enjoy the faster speeds that a fibre broadband package offers. Therefore, it is more than likely that you will be able to access fibre broadband if the requirement exists, as only remote areas of the UK are as yet unable to receive the service.

However, even some areas that would be considered ‘far flung’ have been able to access a fibre service. With approximately 75% of the country having access to BT’s fibre network, and 50% being covered by Virgin, the ability for the whole nation to sign up to a broadband package is steadily increasing.

There are a number of smaller local providers also – central London has its own provider that caters only for customers who live in the city. Broadband Compare UK can tell you what broadband packages are available in your area, and therefore whether you can receive fibre broadband. Simply use our postcode search to discover what broadband packages are available in your area.

Who offers fibre broadband?

There are several providers in the UK currently offering fibre broadband. These include BT, who operate the most widespread fibre network in the UK; TalkTalk, Sky, EE, and Plusnet, who all piggyback on the BT Openreach network; Virgin media, who has its own network; and a growing number of independent providers who offer area-specific broadband packages.

I can’t seem to get fibre broadband

The inability to access fibre broadband can occur due to several reasons. Here are just a few.

Many providers are looking at new and innovative ways to provide fibre broadband to the entire UK. Keep an eye on what providers are doing in your area by visiting their website – you may find that they have plans to install a fibre broadband network in the near future.

What other options are available to me?

If you can’t access a fibre connection, then your best option may be to go for a standard ADSL connection. While ADSL doesn’t offer the speeds of fibre broadband, it is still sufficient to be able to access the internet, stream movies and music, and even play games. The upshot of this is that the broadband package you choose will be much cheaper, and you can select packages that offer unlimited downloads.

If you don’t want to go down that avenue, then you can consider using a mobile broadband network. This won’t be sufficient if you are intending to stream films or music, or you want to use your connection for gaming, as the restrictive download limits imposed by mobile broadband providers will prevent you from downloading a lot of data.

Unfortunately, until providers expand their fibre networks completely, you will not be able to access that particular service. However, you are able to log on to provider’s websites, for example, Virgin and BT, and request that fibre broadband is extended to your area. If enough of you register your interest, then this may encourage the provider to look into installing fibre cables in your area. You never know, but it is certainly worth a try so that you can enjoy super-fast download speeds too.


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