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Is it illegal to use a torrent website?

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If you are new to broadband and are looking for ways you can obtain music, films, and video games, then you may have heard of a practice known as ‘torrenting.' This is a method of sharing files between Internet users, the legalities of which are somewhat of a grey area.

Broadband Compare UK would never condone file sharing, as there are many ways of watching movies and listening to music which are completely legal. We will share some of these later on in the article, but for now, let us deal with the legality of torrents.

Torrenting? What is that?

In layman’s terms, torrenting is a way of sharing files. You must first download a torrent client, which is a program capable of deciphering the information in a torrent file. You would then be able to obtain the file you are looking for because the torrent is split between multiple users, so you download a small fraction of the overall file from each of them.

Once each fraction of a file has been received, they are combined, and you are left with the movie, song, or game file to use.

What are the legalities of ‘torrenting’?

Torrenting is a bit of a gray area when it comes to how legal it is. Essentially, you are stealing copywritten material, which is completely illegal. The murky area occurs because you are actually only sharing a small portion of each file.

We in no way condone using torrents to obtain media. Many people fall foul of torrenting, and end up paying huge fines because they took something that wasn’t theirs. You are also being unfair towards those who own the copyright to the media – it is their work, and they should receive payment for that.

You should think of ways to obtain your media that aren’t illegal. Here are a few to get you started:

Movies and Television

You can subscribe to any number of music streaming services. Some are free, some you pay for. Spotify charges a monthly fee of £9.99 for their premium package, but if you can cope with the ads every 30 minutes, then you can stream for free. Deezer offers a similar service.

You can also access plenty of free music via sites like Soundcloud and Mixcloud, which allow you to stream songs, albums, and even mixes for absolutely nothing.

Finally, you can use services such as iTunes, where you can pay for albums and play them through the built-in player. You can also purchase digital copies of albums and singles via the likes of Amazon.

Don’t forget, torrenting is a dangerous practice. Not only does it infringe on copyright, but it also opens your computer up to security risks. If you have concerns about your security online, then you can read our guide, available on our blog page.


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