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Top 5 Movie and TV Subscription Services

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Movie streaming services have completely outrun DVD and Blu-ray as the most popular way to get your entertainment fix. Whether you’re a sci-fi buff, horror freak, or a crime seeker, there is bound to be a movie streaming service which is right for you.

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Look below at our list of the best movie streaming services available, and see if any of them take your fancy.


Netflix is a superb streaming service if it is box sets you are looking for. They have tonnes of Netflix original series, as well as US and UK TV series, and obviously movies. The films on Netflix tend to be a little on the old side, so if you’re looking for the very latest blockbuster movies, then you may have to wait until they become available, or find them from other sources instead.

The TV series are excellent, however, with exclusive shows like Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, running alongside US favourites such as Dexter, and UK hit shows like The Inbetweeners.

As we said, many of the movies tend to be a little old. You’re unlikely to find very much that is any more recent than a couple of years ago, but with a £7 per month price tag, and no contract, Netflix is a great option for streaming series’.

Netflix is also available on pretty much any platform you can think of. The service is currently covering Smart TV, games consoles, smartphones, PC, Android, and iOS.

Now TV

Now TV is a subscription service run by Sky, which covers entertainment (so you can watch Sky channels live, as well as accessing box sets to stream), movies (which allows you to stream any film from the Sky movie channels) and sport (so you can stream sporting events live, and access PPV events too). Also, there is a Kids service, which plays children’s TV and film.

The service is quite expensive, as if you want two of the four services, or all three, then you must pay a separate subscription for each one, which totals £26.99 a month. Sure, you’re not tied into any contract, but at these prices, Now TV is one of the more expensive streaming services available.

It is possible to get Now TV alongside a broadband subscription. Presumably, this piggybacks on Sky’s broadband provision. This costs £29.99, and nets you a Now TV box, broadband service, and landline calls. Again, this is quite expensive for what you actually get, but it is a monthly rolling contract rather than a fixed period contract.


Amazon Prime Instant Video is the artist formerly known as LoveFilm. The streaming service is fairly similar to Netflix, in that is has thousands of movies from various genres, as well as its own original series’.

A majority of the films on Amazon are at least a couple of years old. They do get the occasional recent film, but as with Netflix, this pales in significance when compared to Now TV, as Sky have exclusivity rights coming out of their ears.

There’s heaps of original TV series, including Lucifer and Preacher, while you can also get your zombie hit from The Walking Dead, so plenty of big names to choose from in terms of TV series.

If you feel as though the films are a little too old, you can use Amazon Instant Video, which offers a rental service with more recent films included. This is a separate service to the Prime variant, though.


For a monthly fee, independent film fans can access a raft of independent films, which are constantly rotated and replaced to keep the selection fresh.

You have access to 30 new films per month, so that is pretty much enough to watch a movie a day. Be aware, though that the service is bereft of Hollywood hits. This is an independent movie service, so if you like more alternative cinema, then you’ll love Mubi.


You would be forgiven for thinking that using iTunes limits you to an iDevice. It is a slightly restrictive service, as it doesn’t work on Android devices, and you can only use the app on Apple devices and Windows devices.

Despite this, you can get some excellent films and TV series on iTunes video store. There is no subscription option, so you can only pay to view. This is a good option for people who don’t tend to stream movies as much as those who use a subscriber service like Netflix. The films are little expensive to rent, so you should consider other options if you are an avid film buff.


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