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Why & When Should I Upgrade to Fibre Broadband

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To many, standard ADSL broadband works fine for them and fibre optic broadband is an unnecessary expense. Why spend more, when you aren't using the broadband to its fullest? I can completely understand that point of view and can say that currently, the majority of households in the United Kingdom will probably be able to manage on ADSL broadband with speeds of up to 17Mb per second.

There are however some valid reasons why you should upgrade to fibre sooner rather than later. The key is to be prepared for the future. While the broadband you have now may be sufficient for your needs, there is likely to come the point when a standard ADSL line does not quite cut the mustard, and superfast speeds are required to get the most out of your devices. I will look into some common areas where fibre optic broadband can enhance your experience and also consider when you should upgrade.

New Television

Buying a new TV is an expensive purchase for most and is not a purchase that is done often. When you come to purchase a TV set, you will generally be upgrading an existing TV in your household, and so it stands to reason that the specifications of that TV will also be an upgrade. With these improvements in specifications comes the needs for improved infrastructure in your home in order to enjoy the TV to its fullest.

The most common reason for a Television upgrade is to enjoy 4K resolution content. Also known as Ultra HD, 4K content is starting to become more widely available across different devices and platforms, such as on the Amazon fire where a number of their shows are streamed in 4k should you have the capabilities to do so. This is a great time to upgrade to fibre broadband, as without superfast speeds you may struggle to stream these shows to you TV without any problems with buffering. We all know how frustrating that can be.

4K is also being rolled out to services like sports and films. Being able to watch your favourite football team play in 4K is a great achievement for technology and something that you will want to be able to do without any performance drawbacks. There is nothing worse than watching the match and see your team attacking the goal when the broadband connection drops, and you see the ‘spinning circle’ appear on your screen. Have they scored? Did it go out for a corner? 5-10 seconds later the stream comes back, your team is 1-0 up, and you’ve missed the goal! How frustrating! If that sounds like a scenario that frequently occurs in your home, the chances are that your broadband capabilities can’t match the standards that the stream needs in order to show consistently on your screen. Now’s the time to upgrade to fibre broadband.


As with new televisions, gaming consoles are also obtaining hardware upgrades. With the new PS4 Pro, you can play certain games in 4k, and that means increased file sizes. It is frustrating enough to be waiting to play a new game while it downloads already but as these file sizes increase the wait time is only going to get longer.

If you are a pro gamer and really into online gaming, then you will understand the needs for the right infrastructure to support your gaming needs. Standard DSL lines can’t keep up with the increasing needs of gaming, especially now that Ultra HD is becoming more common. There are even some fibre optic broadband lines that struggle to keep the pace with gaming demands, especially in a household with many different broadband needs.

PC gaming is an area where upgrades occur more often than on consoles and 4k gaming has been available for a long time. High definition hardware has been available for a while with computers and so if you intent to play PC games online, then you may already be lagging behind on a DSL broadband line.

Growing Families

If you have a growing family where you are finding your children are constantly asking for the latest phone or tablet device, then I understand your pain. “Didn’t you just get the latest iPhone a few months ago?” Is a common phrase I hear. All this new technology in the household with growing kids and teenagers means that you will sooner or later need to have the broadband to support the demand for speed. As mentioned above, with the improving technology comes performance enhancement on the latest technology and improved screen resolutions demanding higher speeds to download the data.

The more people in your house that are using the broadband connection, the slower the speeds will be for each device. Each family member will be fighting for a bigger piece of your DSL connection, and before long you won’t even be able to enjoy it for yourself. Fibre optic broadband will reduce the strain by offering higher speeds overall. If you anticipate a time in the future when there will be competing devices for broadband speed, then I would recommend upgrading sooner rather than later to avoid the feud.

When to Upgrade

Bearing in kind the above, you may not feel that a fibre optic broadband line is needed just yet and that is fine, there’s no rush. I do however recommend you keep an eye out for deals that come and go. For example last weekend there were some great broadband deals for Black Friday. There is likely to be another sale in January, so keep an eye out for those. When you see a deal that looks too good to turn down, go for it. You’ll now be able to enjoy all of the above without any performance issues.

Broadband deals and speeds vary from place to place, so it is worthwhile checking what is available to you using our broadband postcode checker.


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