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Top Reasons To Upgrade Your Broadband for Christmas

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It’s the 1st of December and for many this is the start of the Christmas period. Don’t panic however there is still plenty of time to get your presents sorted, and it’s also a great time to reconsider your broadband package. Christmas is a time of year where the whole family gets together, and joy and merriment is had by all. If you are like me, then you will be spending a lot of time in front of the television watching Christmas TV specials and as many Christmas films as you can fit in. In this article, I am going to look into some of the top reasons to upgrade your broadband now, in time for Christmas.

Family TV

What better time to get the whole family round to watch some Christmas TV and Films. This is a time of year where a lot of TV is watched by the nation, and that is due to the extra time that families allow themselves to relax and unwind over the holidays. There are plenty of TV shows coming up over the Christmas period, and there are sure to be family arguments about what to watch and when. Catchup TV and on-demand services allow you to set your own schedule and not fight over when to watch.

There may be occasions where the family separates to watch their own programs in different rooms and with that comes extra strain on your broadband connection. As mentioned in our post about Broadband slow down earlier today, we looked at the common reasons for broadband to slow down in your household. If your family is like mine then watching different TV shows in another room is a common story over Christmas. The boys don’t want to watch Downton Abbey, and the girls are not Interested in watching football on Boxing day. Having fast broadband allows for uninterrupted and no buffering if you are all watching different things at the same time.

New Gaming Consoles

With the release of new consoles such as Xbox One S and PS4 the Pro, you may find that you will loose your children for hours with a controller in hand. New gaming consoles like this have higher definition gaming which in turn means large file downloads for games and updates.

Gaming is a data intensive activity and can require large file downloads and faster broadband speeds in order to function without any latency issues. If you intend to purchase a new console for one of your children over Christmas, it is worth bearing in mind that if you want a really happy child, you will need to make sure that your Internet capabilities are good enough to cope with the power of the new consoles.

Streaming Music

What better time of year to have a party? Music is essential over Christmas and if you intent to play music in several rooms of your house and keep the whole family entertained, you’d better have a good broadband connection. I’d also suggest making sure that the broadband supplier you sign up to has a router with extra functionality such as dual band and the latest 802.11ac standards so that you don’t loose Wi-Fi connection when streaming in the far-flung corners of your house.

Social Media

Christmas is a time of ear where your normal schedule is thrown out of the window, and you start to meet up with friends and family that you haven’t seen in a long time. Social Media becomes even more popular in the lead up to Christmas as people plan events to meet up with each over the holidays. Facebook has become a great place to set up events and request others join you.

You may also find that the kids will want to keep in touch with their friends as you “force” them to stay with family over Christmas and enjoy some precious family time which is becoming less and less common in today’s world.

It is also a great place to let your family and friends know what you are up to this Christmas and make them jealous of your Turkey dinner.

New Gadgets

If you are like me, there may be a few new gadgets that you have asked Santa for this Christmas and a lot of the new gadgets require Internet connectivity in order to be used to their full potential. As more new gadgets enter your home, you will no doubt need better broadband infrastructure to keep up with the amount of data these devices will require as you set them up.

We talked about some of newest home gadgets that require broadband connectivity in a recent blog post, and one of those was the smart fridge which is a family hub and requires a strong Wi-Fi signal to function correctly. While this may not be a device on your Christmas list it is definitely a gadget that I could see the whole family loving and using heavily over the Christmas period to grab a quick snack or to see what the next family trip is on the home screen.

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