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EE Broadband: The Complete Guide

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Many of you will associate EE with mobile phone networks and the bulk of their business is indeed rooted within their mobile products. However they now also provide home broadband services as an additional product offering. I am going to look into the history behind EE broadband and see who their target market is so that you can decide if the correct broadband service provider for you.

The History Behind EE Broadband

This History behind EE itself is complicated due to many name changes and mergers. EE itself was formed in April 2010, and so the brand is fairly new. EE is a division of BT Group and is a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom and Orange S.A through a merger of their UK companies T-Mobile and Orange.

EE is currently the largest mobile network in the UK with more than 30 million customers. EE has its headquarters are in Hatfield, United Kingdom and has large offices throughout the UK, including in Leeds, Tyneside, Bristol, Darlington, and London. EE’s 4g network currently reaches 98% of the population and is considered to have the most comprehensive mobile network.

T-Mobile and Orange had plans to merge drawn up on 8 September 2008, and the joint venture was completed on 1 April 2010. With the brand Everything Everywhere formed in May 2010. Everything Everywhere was rebranded in 2012 which coincided with its announcement to launch 4g services.

BT Group announced it would be purchasing EE for £12.5 billion in February of 2015 and the offer was made unconditional after it received approval in January of 2016. BT announced that EE would become the consumer division of BT and continue to offer mobile, broadband services and TV. EE’s business division would be merged with the BT business division.

The broadband services of EE were acquired as part of the merger from with Orange. Orange provided DSL broadband services to its customers for free. Orange Broadband was originally operated as Freeserve in the UK which was a company founded in 1998 by a venture between Dixons Group plc and Leeds-based hosting provider Planet Online. Freeserve was bought by France-Telecom in 2000 under its brand Wanadoo for 1.65 billion. France Telecom owned Orange at the time and so Wanadoo become the ISP arm of the Orange brand until it was rebranded as Orange broadband in 2006.

Who is EE Broadband For?

EE Home Broadband is a currently a consumer product, and up until recently, they offered business broadband services alongside home broadband. Due to its purchase by BT Group in 2015 it is now purely a consumer brand offering consumer products and services.

EE is a mobile network primarily due to its background in the telecommunications network. Therefore it can be said that EE Broadband is primarily concerned with taking on board its mobile customers. EE currently has over 30 million customers and so this is a large audience to market to.

For those that are currently on the EE network, the broadband services are advertised through their websites and customer marketing such as through statements and text messages. EE broadband also offers incentives to those that are currently on a mobile plan with then or sign up to one at the same time. The current deal on offer is a 5gb per month bonus. 5gb of mobile data is quite a large boost for those that use their mobile outside of the home a lot and who require internet access.

EE have also recently started offering TV services as an additional service through its parent company BT Group. This has allowed EE to compete with the likes of Virgin Media, who offer TV services too. Their packages are competitive due to its extensive mobile network and ability to offer services from BT too. It is worth noting that Virgin Mobile currently uses the EE network for its mobile network customers.

BT Sport is a large part of BT Group’s business and is an incentive that EE now offer as well. If you sign up to a package with EE you will get BT Sports App for free. Those that are keen sports watchers may see this as a great incentive.

If you are looking for the complete package that also includes a great mobile network, with the best coverage in the UK, then EE is a great option for you. Now that has been purchased by BT Group; the services should continue to get better and compete with the likes of Virgin and Sky.

EE Broadband Deals

EE currently offer a wide range of services to and what is best comes down to your individual needs. If you are after a great standalone broadband package, you can get standard ADSL broadband from just £19.50 per month with a £7 setup cost. With this package, you can get speeds of up to 17mbps and unlimited downloads. You will also receive the 5GB mobile data boost if you are an existing EE customer or sign up to a mobile deal at the same time.

If you require fibre broadband, you can get speeds of up to 32mbps for £28.50 per month with the same features as above.

If the TV package offered by EE sounds like a great deal to you then, you can get a TV package added on to both of the above broadband deals for an extra £9 per month for ADSL broadband and £5 for fibre.

Superfast fibre broadband with speeds up to 72mbps is available for £38.50 per month, although in order to benefit from these speeds you must purchase the TV package too.


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