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Top Home Gadgets That Require a Broadband Connection

As the years go by, technology improves and with improved access to the Internet for households across Britain come improved gadgets that can turn your home into the home of the future. Many manufacturers and independent startups are creating devices that enable users to take advantage of their own broadband connection and access the web to control a device or access information when needed.

Internet-enabled devices which are often referred to as smart devices are becoming more common in the home. If you take a scan around your room, you may already have several devices that use the Internet to function at its best. One of the most common devices that are smart enabled is TV’s. A lot of these will have interactive services built in and once connected to the Internet you can begin to download TV shows or Films. We are however going to look at some less common home devices that are really clever.

Rinky Dink Inc

1. Drop Smart Scales

These kitchen scales have been built to enable cooks of all skill levels to create amazing food using the smart app connected scales. The way these scaled work are to connect to the Internet and download recipes which will include the weights of all ingredients. As you go through the recipe, you will add each ingredient to a bowl which is placed on the scale. The scale will then tell you when to stop adding that particular ingredient and then add the next. It will also tell you how long to cook or mix things. The Drop smart scales can be purchased from their website for $79.99 or from shops like Currys for £59.99

2. Nest Learning Thermostat

This is perhaps a more common device that you may be familiar with and is one that many with broadband connections may already have. They are a great feature to any home or business as they allow you to control your heating from your mobile phone. The thermostat itself sits on your wall and is linked to a heat link which is attached to your boiler and controls the temperature. The nest learning thermostat will learn what temperatures you like and what times of day you turn the heating up or down, simply by copying your patterns. The Nest thermostat also knows when you leave the house or go on holiday and will switch off your heating altogether.

The smart features come into play when you are away from your home. Using the home broadband connection you can access your Nest thermostat from your mobile or tablet to turn your heating on before you get home or to check your consumption. Companies like nPower have started to partner with Nest in order to take advantage of the smart features it offers and provide customers with extra usability.

3. Smarter Coffee Machine

If like me, you can’t start your day without a cup of coffee then this gadget may be ideal for you. The smarter coffee machine uses your broadband to connect to an app on your phone and so wether you are sat in bed or on you way back from a tough day in the office you can get the coffee on so it’s ready before you even get there. The smarter coffee machine has its own built-in grinder, so the coffee you get is fresh. The connected app has a few features that help to make the perfect cuppa. Features such as temperature control and Alarm mode allow this coffee machine to be much more than a gimmick.

The smarter coffee machine is available for £179.99 from the Smarter website.

4. Smarter Kettle

Just like the coffee machine, Smarter also have a kettle that is connected via an app, so if it’s cold outside and you just want to get home and curl up in front of the fire with a hot cup of tea, then the Smarter Kettle is for you. Like the Smarter Coffee Machine, it has alarm modes and temperature control to give you the perfect cuppa when you get up in the morning. The Smarter Kettle is available for £99.99 on their website.

5. Samsung Family Hub Fridge

This wouldn’t be an article about broadband connected devices if we didn’t talk about the smart fridge and the Samsung Family Hub is just that. One of the most intelligent features is the camera which takes a photograph of the inside of your fridge everytime the door closes. You can then access this photograph from the connected app anywhere in the world. If you can’t remember If you are low on milk, you can simply open the app to see what’s in the fridge.

On the fridge itself is a large smart screen which can access many different apps. One of the best apps you can use is the calendar app; this allows you to add events and birthdays to the calendar so that the whole family can see what is coming up soon. No excuses now!

The fridge also has built-in speakers so you can play music from your fridge! Using apps like Pandora and TuneIn Radio you can download and play songs using your broadband connection and even access remote Bluetooth speakers around the house and connect to them.

One of the more well-known features of this fridge is the food ordering system. If you are running low on a particular item, you don’t have to run out to the shops to buy more; you can simply access the app on the fridge door which allows you to add items to a basket with your favourite supermarket and then order when you are ready.

This has to be one of the greatest smart home devices to date and one your whole family can enjoy. If broadband is great for anything, it is making life easy and connecting the whole family together. The Samsung Family Hub Fridge is available from £2999 from Currys and other retailers.


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