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John Lewis Broadband: The Complete Guide

Many of you will recognise the John Lewis brand. However, most will probably not realise that John Lewis is not just a department and actually offer a lot of services for consumers, including home broadband. John Lewis offers these services to their customers to bulk up their product offerings so that they become a one-stop shop for the ordinary person.

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The History of John Lewis Broadband

To understand where John Lewis Broadband came from, we first need to look into the history of John Lewis Itself. The origins of the department store go back to 1864 where it was founded by opening its first store on Oxford Street in London. John Lewis still uses the slogan "Never Knowingly Undersold” which it has used since 1925.

The first John Lewis store was a drapery store, and it grew from there. As the brand grew, it began to acquire other brands such as Jessop & Son in 1933, Selfridge Provincial Stores in 1940, a group of 15 suburban department stores including Knight & Lee, Southsea; Cole Brothers, Sheffield; George Henry Lee, Liverpool; Robert Sayle, Cambridge; and Trewins, Watford. All are still operating today aside from Knight and Lee in Southsea. They are however now branded under the John Lewis name just as Jessops has been since 2002.

Another major brand owned by John Lewis is Waitrose which was formed in 1904 and taken over by John Lewis in 1944. It has since grown to be a major supermarket across Britain and currently has 350 Branches.

John Lewis Broadband itself was launch relatively recently in 2012 and provide their services in partnership with Plusnet, so any issues with the line may be down to the Plusnet infrastructure rather than John Lewis themselves. The customer service, however, will be from John Lewis themselves.

Who is John Lewis Broadband For?

The brands and products John Lewis and Waitrose sells are aimed at the middle class of Britain, and they offer quality products at reasonable prices. They also believe in high-quality customer service. The type of people Waitrose and John Lewis attract are the exact target audience for the John Lewis Home Broadband product.

As mentioned above it is John Lewis’s aim to use them as a one-stop

shop, whether that be entering a John Lewis store and purchasing home insurance or going down to you local Waitrose and querying your home broadband bill. This is a unique service that John Lewis Broadband and other supermarkets such as Tesco are able to offer.

Many customers who require the Internet may not be particularly au fait with the technology and therefore prefer to use a brand name they can trust. John Lewis has that appeal for many, especially its existing customers, a lot of which who will shop with them every week via Waitrose. The idea here is that for their customers that are shopping in Waitrose every week, being able to talk to someone about their broadband package should be just as simple as picking up a couple of pints of milk.

Waitrose and John Lewis have also made it simple for existing online customer to switch or sign up with them by using existing details on their accounts, a simplicity that can convince many of people who do not want to spend much time sorting out things like Broadband.

It is probably fair to say that John Lewis broadband and Waitrose Broadband are aimed at the “technically challenged” or those of us who do not wish to spend time in understanding what sort of broadband they require.

John Lewis Broadband Deals

Broadband deals with John Lewis are designed to be simple to understand, and that shows on their website homepage. John Lewis Broadband show just three packages which are Unlimited, Fibre, and Fibre Extra. The clear message here is simplicity.

It’s worth noting that all of John Lewis’s broadband packages include line rental, again hinting at further simplicity with their broadband.

Currently, John Lewis is offering Unlimited ADSL Broadband with Phone and Line rental for £22.50 per month with speed up to 17mb and unlimited usage. Considering that line rental is included this is a great broadband deal.

The Fibre option available with John Lewis Broadband is also a great deal and costs just £10 more per month at £32.50 per month. This is for speeds up to 38mb per second and again with Unlimited usages. Again free line rental Is included.

Fibre Extra is there premium package and costs just £36.50 per month which is unlimited usage on speeds up to 76mb per second.

Make sure you check our broadband postcode checker to see what speeds are available to you before you purchase.

John Lewis Broadband also offer cash back through sites like Quidco and you can get £10 cashback on your broadband order by following this Quidco link. TopCashback is probably a better bet for cashback with John Lewis. They are currently offering £65 cashback for any packages. Follow the link to TopCashback for this offer.

At the time of writing this there do not seem to be any promotional codes to use for John Lewis Broadband. However I would always suggest doing a quick Google search to see if there are any available when you come to order. Do a quick search for “voucher codes John Lewis Broadband, ” and you could save a fair amount on your deal.


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