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Top Reasons for Superfast and Unlimited Broadband

Superfast broadband with unlimited bandwidth is commonplace in the market today, and the Broadband service providers will market this package more often than it’s ADSL packages due to the increased speeds and performance you will receive as a customer. Not only that, but the amount of money they receive as a result is far greater. The infrastructure is in place across large parts of the UK for high speeds broadband, but not all of us can get hold of it.

To find out if you are able to get superfast broadband where you are, take a look at our broadband postcode tool on our homepage. If it is not available yet then it is worth checking the Openreach website to see if it will be available sometime soon. While it can often be a long time before it’s due in your area, there may high speeds available via ADSL that will be sufficient enough for you.

For those that are able to get hold of superfast speeds, there are many reasons why it may be essential. The increased speeds give access to a whole load of technology benefits, and we’ll look at the top reasons for fibre broadband with unlimited downloads. Sorry in advanced to those unable to get it in their area.

1. Gaming

For those of you whose primary need for a fast broadband package is gaming, I hear you. Having a fast and always-on connection is essential in gaming. There’s nothing worse that being in the middle of a game of Call of Duty or FIFA and everything freezes! Or worse you’ve made the kill on your screen but for some reason, the server lagged and it shows as a no kill. This is a common problem in gaming. Slow broadband can take the enjoyment away from playing online games and for a lot of people that is the sole reason they purchased the Xbox or Playstation.

Superfast fibre broadband doesn’t usually suffer from lag issues, even when the whole house is downloading. Due to speeds of sometimes over 100mb, the connection is nearly always sufficient to keep your online gaming near perfect. No lag, no phantom kills or deaths and most importantly hours of joyful gaming.

Gaming can often require lots of bandwidth due to large files sizes, and if you have used an Xbox one recently, you will recognise that a lot of the downloads can be over 15gb at times and therefore unlimited bandwidth is essential to play games on today’s modern console systems.

2. HD Entertainment Streaming

Many of us these days will get our dose of entertainment via the Internet, and if you’ve bought a cheap broadband deal with low speeds and a cap of 40gb, it won’t be long before you’re left frustrated with your broadband.

Currently, Ultra HD televisions are commonplace on the market, and it is rare to buy a TV with a definition lower than 720p and even these TV sets are becoming less common. The higher the resolution on your TV set, the higher the size of file needed to accommodate the number of pixels per frame. 4K TV shows can often be up to 5gb in size, depending on the length and movies can be over 15gb at times. A slow broadband connection will mean that you’ll spend half of your day waiting for the TV show to download and if your streaming, it’ll most likely be buffering most of the time you are watching it.

Again unlimited bandwidth is important; one film may be 15gb, and it’ll only take a couple of films before you’ve reached your limit. Most broadband suppliers will hit you with a fee if you go over that cap so make sure you constantly review your usage if you are on a capped package currently. Consider using Sky Broadband or Plusnet Broadband if you are looking at a cheap fibre broadband deal. The former is likely to often a discount if you buy a TV package at the same time and as Sky provide a lot of Ultra High Definition services it can be a great pairing.

3. Large families with multiple devices

If you have a large family or share a household with others, there are likely to be many devices connected to your router. This is one scenario where fibre optic comes into its own. Consider a typical family that may have one child playing his Xbox online in his room; his sister is streaming her favourite songs next door while downstairs the mother is watching her favourite soaps on catch-up, and the father is streaming the match on his laptop in Ultra HD. This is likely to cause a lot of strain on your Internet, and many ADSL broadband packages may struggle to keep up with the demand for speed. I’ve seen this scenario cause many family arguments before so consider how your family uses the Internet before purchasing a broadband deal.

4. Online/Cloud Backup

Backing up and storing data on the cloud is a wise thing to do for securing your data. There are many ways you can do this but it’s a good idea to store your data via the cloud as this will allow you to store data across many devices and sync as you go. If you are the sort of person that stores large files, such as video files or raw images you will probably have a large capacity of cloud storage and your computer may spend a long time backing it up. If you have ultra fast broadband, you will be able to sync these files and upload them in no time, and you won't have to leave your computer on all night just to get those videos uploaded to your server before you go to work in the morning.

There are plenty other reasons for getting fibre optic broadband, and I’m sure that many of you will have your own unique reasons. Whatever those reasons are, I would consider having it in your home or office due to the fact that file sizes are likely to continue to grown due to improved technology and also more and more devices are becoming the Internet enabled all the time, so why not be ahead of the game. Get your fibre broadband deal now.


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