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Cyber Monday Broadband Deals

Black Friday has just gone, and we’re straight into our next sale of the year, Cyber Monday. There were some great broadband deals to be had over the weekend, and I hope a lot of you managed to get hold of a good one. If not, don’t fret, today is Cyber Monday and another chance to grab a Broadband bargain before Christmas.

What are the Origins of Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is pure and simply a marketing term. Originally coined by the team at in November 2005. The term relates to the increase in online shopping on this day every year. The press release by read “Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year” The press release documented the increase in sales that online retailers noticed on this day every year. "77 percent of online retailers said that their sales increased substantially on the Monday after Thanksgiving, a trend that is driving serious online discounts and promotions on Cyber Monday this year (2005)".

In contrast to Black Friday, Cyber Monday are online deals online, so many high street retailers do not take part. However, there are a lot of high street retailers with an online presence, and therefore the deals naturally follow over.

Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a US invention, and like Black Friday sales over the weekend, we have started to see an increase of Cyber Monday sales reach the online retailers since its emigration from the States. The thought behind and increase in sales on this day is down to the boom of Black Friday, many people use Black Friday sales to get a lot of their Christmas sales done and so come the following Monday there are naturally still many people with Christmas shopping on their mind.

With many going back to work in the US, online shopping is an easy way of ordering gifts without actually having to hit the stores.

Many broadband suppliers are now joining in on this sale period to offer great deals to customers, and we’re looking into some of the best deals as well as some of the existing Black Friday deals that are still going.

Cyber Monday broadband deals

If you’ve missed any of the below, keep an eye on our homepage at Broadband Compare UK for the latest deals.

BT’s Black Friday deal ends today.

As mentioned in our Black Friday post, BT has a great deal on for new customers. Before Black Friday BT offered It’s Infinity 1 packages provides broadband speeds up to 52mb depending on your local capabilities at £29.99 per month. There is, however, a limit of 25gb which is rather low. If you don’t use the Internet much but need it occasionally for speed, then this is a great deal. You also get a £100 Prepaid Mastercard with this deal, however, with upfront costs of £59.99 this is not such a great reward.

It’s Unlimited Infinity Black Friday deal is on for the rest of the day and coming in at £27.99 per month, with the same speeds and unlimited usage it is a much better deal. The same upfront costs apply and the reward card is also included.

BT Broadband also have the Unlimited Infinity 2 deal which is as above but with superfast speeds of up to 72mb. Again unlimited usage is available with this broadband deal, and upfront costs are much lower at £9.99. The ongoing monthly costs are£44.99. A perfect deal for power broadband users.

Sky Broadband Unlimited deal on for another week.

Sky Broadband are offering Unlimited Broadband to new customers for its Black Friday deal. However, Sky is keeping this deal active for another week. The deal is for unlimited broadband for £22.40 per month with line rental included. An upfront cost of £9.95 is required for router delivery costs however it is still a great deal. This is not a fibre deal however and speeds are up to 17mb.

Make sure to check out any package deals Sky Broadband are offering as you could save a fortune if you are looking to purchase premium TV channels on top.

Virgin Media offer Superfast Speeds

This Cyber Monday Virgin Media Broadband are offering deals on a number of packages. Virgin Media are one company to offer extremely high-speed broadband and so if speed is a primary concern take a look at these deals.

If you only require broadband, then their SuperFibre 50 broadband deal is perfect. With Fibre speeds of up to 50Mbps and unlimited usages for just £18 per month for the first 12 months, this is one of the best deals this year. It is worth noting however that the cost goes up to £32.25 per month after the first 12 months, but it is still a significant saving on fibre broadband.

If you are an avid gamer, then you may be interested in Virgin Media’s broadband for gamers. VIVID 200 Gamer is a specially designed package for gaming. With speeds up to 200mb per second and upload speeds up to 20mb. There is also unlimited bandwidth and usage and no traffic management meaning that you can play for as long as you like. This is one of the first broadband packages with gamers needs in mind and costs just £45 per month for the first 12 months. Again it is worth noting the price rises to £50.25 after this, but this is just a small increase for such an amazing broadband package.


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