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Benefits of ADSL Broadband

ADSL Broadband is a cheaper alternative to Fibre broadband. Here I will take a look at the benefits of opting to take an ADSL Broadband package over a Fibre Optic Broadband package. If you are looking for the benefits of superfast broadband, take a look at my guide on the advantages of Fibre Optic Broadband.

Superfast isn’t always necessary

While the majority of broadband providers will wax lyrical about the benefits of increased speeds with fibre broadband, the question really comes to the end user is do you really need those speeds. Fibre optic broadband can give you speeds of up to 10 times more than standard ADSL broadband. This is great to be able to have if you find yourself downloading and streaming large files often. However for the majority of households, currently it’s not a necessary expenditure.

There's one question you should ask yourself before taking the plunge with superfast broadband.

Do you have a lot of devices connected to the Internet at once?

The more devices that are connected to the Internet, the more broadband ‘juice’ you will need. This becomes more of an important question if those devices that are connected require a lot of data transfer while in use. Some common devices that need high speeds are streaming devices, especially if they have high-resolution files such as an Amazon Fire Stick or an Amazon Fire TV. These often have 4k resolutions files, so if you have a 4k TV, you may want to consider a high-speed broadband connection. If, however, you aren’t too bother about high-quality videos and are happy with the standard definition then you probably don’t need the fibre broadband option, especially if your TV is not capable of viewing those files.

ADSL Broadband is still pretty quick

ADSL Broadband usually boasts speeds of up to 17mbps in most area’s of the county, and many suppliers will offer this as standard along with unlimited bandwidth to download as much as you like. Sure you won’t be able to download massive files in ten seconds, but it won't be too far behind that. How quick is quick anyway? I remember the days of dial-up Internet which had speeds of 512Kb/s. Seriously slow, it could take days to download a file. 17Mbps is ample for most activities today, and you can still watch Netflix shows without interruption and a lot of streaming services have a feature which will show the resolution that has the best quality and least buffering available to you. Youtube have had this feature for years. Most of the time a 17Mbps broadband connection will be able to stream 1080p fairly well anyway and if not it should be fine with 720p.

If you are the sort of person that sees a TV as a luxury purchase that you may look at once every five years, you may not see the benefit of fibre optic broadband anyway. High-speed Internet is something that becomes more necessary when your devices require larger files in order to work to the best of their ability. Therefore I would suggest keeping an eye on your usage and how that works with the technology you have currently. If you don’t have high-resolution screen in your house, then you won’t need to download the UHD version of files as you won’t be able to view them anyway. Always download the files that are compatible with the screen or device you are using. The same also applies to tablets and mobiles. A lot of the newer screens have extremely high resolutions. However, a lot still don’t so if you don’t have the latest smartphone then you won’t be able to view the highest quality films or TV Shows.

ADSL is considerably cheaper

Due to the infrastructure that is required for fibre, an ADSL line can be a lot cheaper; often it is half the price of fibre optic broadband that is supplied by the same company. Spending up to £50 on broadband per month can be an expensive outgoing for a lot of families and so it stands to reason that if you don’t see the benefits of fibre broadband anyway, you can make do with ADSL broadband for half the price and have more money to spend on the things you do require. Often the difference can be enough to cover your mobile phone bill.

ADSL Deals

Currently, there are plenty of ADSL broadband deals.

Sky Broadband is offering Broadband and line rental for £190 per year for the first year. And you can claim a £75 MasterCard too. Which makes the overall price £115 for the year. This deal is only available until December 4th however, so you will need to act fast. This deal gives you up to 17mbps speeds and unlimited download limit. The installation of a new line is £20. You can find this deal here

Plusnet is currently offering Broadband and line rental for £15.49 per month if you pay the line rental upfront. Another great deal which comes with up to 17mbps speeds and unlimited downloads just like Sky Broadband. Plusnet does not offer a reward like Sky do, but the benefit of PlusNet is that they are the highest rate broadband supplier in the UK with consistently high customer services satisfaction. You can find this deal here.


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