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Black Friday Broadband Deals

Black Friday seems to be getting more and more popular every year, with a record number of retailers getting involved this year. This time around it’s not limited to high street retailers with a lot of local businesses and online businesses getting involved. This year it’s a great time to get a great Black Friday Broadband deal. Many of the major broadband suppliers are taking part in Black Friday this year and they are limited time deals, so we’ve done a quick roundup of the deals we have found. Make sure you purchase before the end of the weekend to take full advantage of these great broadband offers.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday has a short history in the UK, having traveled across the pond in 2010 thanks to Amazon. Whatever your view on Black Friday in the UK, it is a time of year to find some great deals on a lot of products and not just your Christmas shopping.

One theory behind Black Friday is that it was a term coined in the 1980’s by retailers in the US who go “into the black” after having been in negative profit throughout the rest of the year. Others believe it is a term going back to slave days in the states when slaves used to be sold on this particular day. A more recent version is that it is a term used by Philadelphia police due to the traffic jams from people pouring into town after Thanksgiving.

Whatever the real reason behind Black Friday it has clearly been adopted by retail companies to take advantage of a public holiday in the US to put on a lot of sales. Just like in the UK where Boxing day is the first day of the January sales, however, these sales are much more limited and create a bigger rush for people trying to get the best deals.

Black Friday in the UK was originally purely Amazon, where they had lots of deals on products and introduced ‘lightning deals’ which are even shorter time-based deals. Since 2010 more and more retailers are jumping on the bandwagon and putting on their own limited time sales. There have been many reports in the press of fighting in shops over that last on offer TV set. It’s certainly not for the fainthearted if you’re going into the shops this weekend.

Broadband service providers are now beginning to get in on the act and can see an opportunity to get people to switch or sign up to new broadband packages with them. The more broadband providers that get involved, the more competition there is.

Available Deals This Weekend

Plusnet is offering discounted prices on their 18 month unlimited and phone package. Offering speeds up to 17mbps, unlimited bandwidth and £50 cashback. This costs £18 per month, and there is a £6.99 set-up fee.

They are also offering a deal on their Unlimited Broadband and Talk Anytime Package. Again this offers speeds up to 17mbps, ample for most. They are also including the same £50 cashback deal. With this package, you can enjoy unlimited UK and landline calls to numbers starting 01, 02, 03 0870 and 0845. This deal is £26 per month with a £6.99 set-up costs.

Sky Broadband is offering their Sky Unlimited Broadband package for £15 a month with £9.95 set-up costs. Offering speeds up to 17mb with unlimited downloads. Just like Plusnet they are offering an incentive but this time it’s a £75 prepaid MasterCard. A great deal to be had.

Sky are also offering a package that includes TV; this deal is for the Sky Broadband Unlimited & Original TV Bundle which will cost just £47.50 per month with £24.95 set up costs. Again this offers 17mbps download speeds with unlimited bandwidth. On top of this, you will also get the Sky Original TV Bundle which has more than 30 channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky1, FOX and Sky Sports Mix, along with a free 32" LG TV, Lenovo laptop or £100 reward.

The Sky Unlimited Broadband Unlimited and Bos Sets Bundle is available for £65.40 with £24.95 set up costs. This is like the above in that it offers unlimited broadband and more than 350 box sets on demand in HD. On top of this, you can choose between 32” LG TV, Lenovo Laptop or Xbox One S or £150 vouchers. A great way of getting some Christmas presents sorted at the same time.

BT Broadband are offering deals too. Including discounted broadband for 12 months with the BT Infinity Fibre Unlimited Broadband and Calls package. Offering speeds up to 52mbps and unlimited downloads. BT Broadband also offers a £100 Prepaid Mastercard, which is the best reward of the current Black Friday deals. This deal costs £27.99 per month, but it’s worth noting that the line rental is included in this cost.

There is also a deal on their non-fibre broadband package which costs £22.99 per month with an upfront cost of £9.99 and a £50 reward card instead of the £100 that comes with the fibre broadband offer. Again the line rental is included in the cost.

BT also include free BT Sport with the above packages and they also offer cloud storage with 100GB of space.

Make sure you combine any of these offers with the usual discount methods, such as cashback sites and voucher codes. Check out our homepage for any other deals that may be available


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