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TalkTalk Broadband: The Complete Guide

TalkTalk Broadband is the next candidate for our complete broadband guide. I will take a look into the history behind TalkTalk and what their target audience is as well as how you can find a great deal.

History Behind TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk Broadband is part of the TalkTalk Telecom Group plc commonly known as TalkTalk Group. It was founded in February 2003 in Leeds UK. Along with Plusnet, this is another major player from the Yorkshire region. However, it is probably less known that its roots are in Leeds. Today however the headquarters for TalkTalk are based in London and so is probably the major reason behind It no longer being associated with Yorkshire and Leeds.

TalkTalk was founded as a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse and later became a standalone business in March 2010. Like a lot of broadband providers, TalkTalk has invested in its own Local-Loop-Unbundling infrastructure.

Carphone Warehouse originally acquired Opal Telecom in November 2002 and used its own switching service which meant that they could offer calls cheaper than BT. A trial was conducted in Manchester and in 2004 TalkTalk was launched officially.

TalkTalk Broadband is the UK’s second biggest quadruple play service provider after Virgin Media. A quadruple play provider in telecommunications terms means a provider of Broadband, Internet, Telephone and Wireless services. This allows them compete with companies such as Virgin Media, Sky, and BT Broadband.

Who is TalkTalk Broadband for?

As with Sky, Virgin and BT Broadband TalkTalk is a good alternative to those looking for a package deal of Television, telephone, and broadband. TalkTalk is generally seen as the cheaper alternative to the others, and its deals are aimed at beating its competitors. It’s not often you will find a more reasonable deal at the likes of Sky Broadband or BT Broadband for similar combined packages or even stand-alone packages. However, this can vary from area to area so it’s always a good idea to check on our broadband postcode checker to see what deals are speeds are available in your area.

TalkTalk has recently been described as having “gimmicky advertising” something which is designed to lure you in. However recently they have changed their focus in a new campaign called ‘This Stuff Matters’ which is a campaign focusing on its existing customers. The advert looks at how TalkTalk enables connectivity with the family. This is all part of a major rebrand from TalkTalk Broadband who are looking to focus on customer frustrations.

This rebrand is a major deal for TalkTalk as they look to bounce back following the hacking scandal of 2015, where nearly 157,00 customer’s personal details were leaked. The idea behind the rebrand is to gain trust and get people to join TalkTalk on this basis.

Customer service is an issue with TalkTalk as has been highlighted by many customer surveys and so TalkTalk is probably only a great deal if this is something you aren’t too concerned about. Pricing is TalkTalk Broadband’s main selling point and this often comes at a cost to other areas such as customer services.

TalkTalk offers many similar add-ons to Sky and Virgin Media, and the addition of Netflix allows Netflix customers to view content from the TalkTalk box. The add-ons are something that a lot of these providers like to use to give advantages to other suppliers. Being able to access a wide range of content on your broadband service is a great feature of TalkTalk broadband.

TalkTalk Broadband Deals

As mentioned above TalkTalk broadband are known for undercutting their competitors, so it’s likely you will find some great offers from this broadband provider. Their current deal is a package deal which includes TV and Fibre Broadband which they claim saves £355 versus a similar package with BT Broadband over 18 months. TalkTalk even has a comparison page to compare prices and features with Sky, BT and Virgin Media.

As with the other broadband providers I have previously talked about, it is always to check around for similar deals with providers such as Sky Broadband who may be able to match a deal from TalkTalk. Such is the competitive nature of the broadband industry; it's always good to play companies off each other as this can be a great tactic to getting the best deal.

Deals vary from place to place so always check our broadband postcode checker to see what broadband deals you can get in the area and also what speeds are available to you.

TalkTalk has been known to provide worse customer service than the likes of Sky or Virgin Media and often don’t perform well in customer satisfaction surveys so this is something to bear in mind when considering choosing TalkTalk as your Broadband service provider.

Cashback deals can be had with TalkTalk on sites like Quidco. Currently, they are offering up to £154 cashback which is a significant chunk off your bill. Many people overlook cashback sites for broadband deals, but I always say that it’s a good idea to check before you make any purchase, get into a habit, and you may find yourself getting a bargain broadband deal.

Voucher codes are available for TalkTalk, some with over £100 off the price of the package. These can’t always be used in conjunction with other deals or cashback, but it doesn’t harm to try them out anyway.

TalkTalk will often have the cheapest deals available, but with a cost to things like customer service, so it is worth deciding what is more important to you and ask yourself if you’d prefer spending less for the bargain or more for excellent customer service.


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