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BT Broadband: The Complete Guide

Today I will be talking about BT broadband and the history behind this broadband provider. I will also talk about the marketing strategies and who their target audience are. Finally, I will look into the various broadband deals that are available and how to get the most out of any offer.

The History behind BT Broadband

BT Broadband is a division of BT plc which is the world's oldest communications company, founded in 1969 with its origins going back to 1846 as the Electric Telegraph Network. Up until 1969 the General Post Office had a monopoly on telecoms in the United Kingdom and that changed due to The Post Office Act of 1969. It became independent of the Post Office in 1981.

Much of BT’s profits come from its subsidiary Openreach who control the ‘last mile’ of copper cables that connect to your home. It’s Openreach who will be the ones connecting your telephone line or switching on your broadband. So, in many respect BT will have a part to play in every broadband sale.

Until more recently BT broadband was a stand-alone product as part of BT’s telecommunication products. However, BT is now a direct competitor with Sky Broadband and Virgin Media with their TV services. This now allows BT to offer more competitive prices and services and stops Sky having a monopoly over TV services.

BT is based in London in the BT centre which was built in 1985 and is located opposite St Pauls tube station. However, it also runs a lot of operations from the iconic BT Tower located in Fitzrovia London.

BT also own BT Sports and the ESPN network in the UK which has seen them purchase major sporting rights including the biggest deal in history for Premier League football which is worth £5.15bn. This is a big leap for BT as they were able to outbid major competitors Sky for these rights which gives them leverage.

BT now have operations all around the world under the BT Global Services Division. Under this arm of the company, they provide services to 10,00 organisations and governments across the globe. Among its customers are PepsiCo and Procter and Gamble.

Who is BT Broadband for?

As with Sky Broadband, BT Broadband are able to offer Television packages as well as telephone and broadband packages. The acquisition of Premier League football rights is a large part of BT Broadband's marketing strategy. Many of the deals available will allow customers to watch BT Sports for free as part of the deal and so a large part of their audience are sports lovers and in particular football fans.

BT is a household name in Britain and is often first on the lips from people when asked to name a Broadband supplier. This is mainly due to their long history within the communications industry. Having been one of the original and still existing brands for telecommunications, they are often a go-to broadband service provider for many. This coupled with the fact that for many years BT had a monopoly on telephone systems in the UK and meant that if you needed a telephone line installed you had no choice but to go through BT. In fact, as mentioned above, through Openreach BT still play a massive part in all telephone installations and broadband connections.

If you love sports and football, then BT broadband is a particularly good choice, considering the TV rights they have. Although it’s worth bearing in mind that you can still watch BT sports on other platforms such as Sky and Virgin. If TV and sport are important to you I would suggest checking out BT Broadband, Sky Broadband and Virgin Broadband coupled with their TV packages. These deals can often yield the best value for money if you watch sports a lot.

BT Broadband Deals

As I speak, BT broadband has a Black Friday deal, like a lot of other broadband service providers. The current deal starts at £22.99 per month for speeds up to 17mb and unlimited usage. This also comes with Free BT Sport and a £50 prepaid Mastercard. This is, however, a limited time deal and may not be around when you come to reading this article.

BT Broadband offer deals like Sky and Virgin media due to their TV packages. These three providers offer competitive deals and will often beat each other on price if the packages are similar. I would suggest as with Sky to play them off each other and do some research into the packages available to all providers and see of you can get a cheaper deal as a result.

BT Sport is a big draw to BT Broadband, which allows BT to attract a lot of customers. Their main deal for those customers is to offer free BT Sport, which in comparison to Virgin and Sky is roughly £8-10 cheaper per month.

As with other providers, I would advise checking cashback sites such as Quidco and TopCashback who will have a cashback deal available for different packages. Currently, the cashback is up to £187 which could be a massive saving on your broadband. BT Broadband is also a faster-paying cashback company which means that you will get your cashback a lot quicker than most other broadband companies.

Make sure to check you broadband speed using our broadband postcode checker to find out what is available to you in your area.


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