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Sky Broadband: The Complete Guide

Following on from my previous post in this series on Plusnet Broadband I am now going to delve into the world of Sky Broadband and look at the history of Sky’s Broadband services and take a look at what their target audience is along with their marketing strategies. I will also take a look at the broadband deals that Sky are providing and how to get the best deals possible.

The History of Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband is a division of Sky plc, although the roots of the broadband division of Sky are from a company bought out by Sky in October 2005 called EasyNet. Sky purchased EasyNet for £211 million and at the time EasyNet were one of two companies who had made investments in Local Loop Unbundling which is a process allowing telecom companies to use telephone exchange connections to access the customer’s premises. This is still the process used today. Often when searching for a broadband service your speed is determined by the speed of the line to the exchange and then the distance to that local exchange. It is always wise to check your broadband speed first before choosing a supplier so that you can see what you house capabilities are.

Sky had 1 million customers by October 2007 just two years after the purchase of EasyNet in October 2005. Two years later that number was 2.3 million, and in 2012 the number was 4 million. A rapidly growing broadband provider that offers great deals due to it existing TV packages that allow Sky to compete.

Sky purchase the broadband business of Telefonica Uk (O2) in a £180 million deal in 2014.

Sky plc itself was formed in 1990 by Rupert Murdoch, and it is now run by his son Hames Murdoch who is the chairman of Sky Plc. The main business of Sky originally was TV services and still is today, Sky the biggest satellite TV provider in Europe and currently has a revenue of almost £10 billion per year. Whilst originally a UK only provider, it grew it’s operation into Germany, Italy, Ireland and Austria. Rupert Murdoch is also the owner of 21st Century Fox who currently owns 39.14% of Sky plc.

Who is Sky Broadband for?

With Sky Broadband having its bulk operations based on its satellite TV operations it is safe to assume that they would be using this existing customer base to sell their broadband services to. Satellite TV and broadband Internet go hand-in-hand nowadays, and that’s due to companies such as Sky Broadband utilising the ability to download and store catch up tv and films as part of their service. It’s probably safe to assume that in order to utilise Sky Tv services successfully you will need a good broadband connection. Where better to go than Sky themselves.

Sky regularly offer deals to their customers for broadband. Whether you are a new customer or existing customer, you will often find that the cost of broadband can be far less that a stand-alone broadband service provider. This is where Sky focus the majority of their marketing effort, which makes sense as this is an easy sell for Sky.

Sky Broadband have recently used TV ads that feature custom made clips from popular films, such as X-Men Apocalypse and Life of Pets to showcase their product. These ads will focus on the slow speed of competitor broadband and how it affects the ability to download and watch films and TV shows. Sky are able to utilise the fact that 21st Century Fox own Sky to good effect with these adverts and it is a formula that seems to work well as many of the adverts are great and seem expensive while they probably are not due to the company’s ownership.

These adverts are generally family focused and utilise many family films to good effect. The aim of Sky Broadband is to show how easy their overall services are when combined with superfast broadband from Sky. Another benefit of these family focussed adverts are that the children are likely to be a target and the intention is for them to convince their parents to purchase Sky Tv and ultimately Sky Broadband.

Sky Broadband Deals

Sky Broadband deals are often very easy to come by, especially at certain times of the year when special offers are in place. If you are an existing Sky customer you can add Broadband for and extra £5 per month or £10 for superfast fibre broadband.

For new customers, the deals can often be even better. Currently you can get Sky Broadband on its own for £22.40 per month for up to 40mb bandwidth. Although it is a good idea to check what deals you can get using a broadband postcode checker where you can also check your broadband speed.

The best deals will generally come from a combined package with TV. If you are already looking at getting premium TV channels it is definitely worth looking at the price of a complete package; often you can add Sky Broadband for free.

It is well known that existing customer can get great deals from Sky by threatening to leave at the end of a contract. To use this tactic, I would suggest first checking other deals from companies such as Virgin who also offer TV services. If you can find a better deal with them, then it is likely that Sky can beat it or match that deal.

As with other providers, it is a good idea to check what cash back you can get with Sky Broadband deals and also if any vouchers are available. Often Sky will offer an incentive for joining such as a prepaid Mastercard of M&S voucher so check to see if these are available when signing up to Sky. I have seen before that Sky will often have staff referral deals, so if you know of anyone who happens to work for any Sky division there is a good chance that there is a deal available to you through them.


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