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Plusnet Broadband: The Complete Guide

Finding the right broadband provider for you can sometimes be a time-consuming task which is why I am putting together a series of articles aimed at helping you decide which broadband provider is for you. I’ll look into the history of each company and how they were formed along with their business model such as who their target audience is. I will also look into some of the deals they are currently providing and any tips and tricks to get the most out of them. First up is Plusnet Broadband.

The History of Plusnet Broadband.

“Good honest broadband from Yorkshire” is probably the first thing you hear when thinking of Plusnet. They are known for having some of the best TV adverts around, with some cleverly written storyline’s that’ll make you laugh. “We’ll do you proud” is their tagline and again is probably another phrase you think of when associating with Plusnet. The first and most obvious thing that Plusnet are trying to get across is that they are a Yorkshire based business. Plusnet was originally formed from its sister brand Force 9 in 1997 in Sheffield. However, it wasn’t until 2000 that Force 9 became Plusnet. Force 9 was formed as an offspring of Choice Peripherals who were a computer accessories company.

Plusnet was launched to coincide with the release of the Surftime dialup services which allowed 24/7 dial-up internet services. Plusnet began to grow with the development of these products, particularly with the launch of ADSL broadband services in August 2000.

In 2002 Plusnet released a self-install product which ended the need for a BT engineer to visit homes and businesses to install their broadband services. This made broadband more accessible and easier to adopt and helped the industry and Plusnet themselves to continue to grow.

In 2007 Plusnet was acquired by BT, the deal was worth 67million. Soon after the deal existing chief executive Lee Strafford was replaced by former BT employee Neil Laycock. Plusnet has been part of BT since then and continues to be a major part of BT’s broadband sales.

Who is Plusnet for?

Put simply Plusnet is for everyone in the UK, their network is national so almost all areas can get Plusnet broadband services. Make sure you use a postcode checker to check your broadband speed and see what Plusnet services are available for you.

Plusnet’s marketing is centered around its referral scheme; they gain a lot of customers through existing customers referring to a friend and will pay for that referral of which more can be seen on their website. Currently, Plusnet offers money off your bill for each successful referral, and that stands at 75p for broadband and fibre products and 50p for all phone products. This can be a great way to reduce your bill and save money, so long as you know lots of people who would be willing to switch to Plusnet.

Plusnet has also more recently started investing heavily in advertising and is where the majority of customers will have heard their name. Plusnet still carries the Yorkshire and proud badge and see that as a major identity of their brand. It is something they use to relate to customers and give them the persona of friendly and reliable. This approach has seen them win may awards. Recently they have won 3 awards from uSwitch who are a major broadband comparison site and Broadband Genie rates them as the most recommended provider and best value provider. Find out more about their awards.

Plusnet has their roots firmly placed in Yorkshire and is a very common provider in that area as a result. Plusnet Broadband often sponsors events in Yorkshire as a nod to its background and as part of its marketing plan. For example, Plusnet is the main sponsor of the Yorkshire marathon and are supporters of The Sheffield Children’s Hospital. This shows that despite that are now a national broadband provider they are still keen to play an active role in the local community.

Plusnet TV ad’s still continue to talk about their heritage with phrases like “Good honest broadband from Yorkshire” a catchy tagline but also it promotes the idea that Plusnet is one of the ordinary people and not just a commercial outfit designed to take money from the UK population.

Current pricing and deals

Plusnet is currently offering free broadband for 12 months which is currently one of the best deals available. This is for broadband speeds of up to 17Mbps and unlimited bandwidth.

Plusnet also offers time-based deals such as the current deal which is for fibre broadband speeds of up to 76mb at £28 per month with unlimited usage.

On top of the offers Plusnet will sometimes offer cashback through their website, so keep an eye out for that on their website. If they don’t have it on their site, there is a very good chance that a site like Quidco or TopCashBack will offer cashback on your broadband deal. Currently, Quidco is offering cashback up to £66. While this cashback can sometimes take a while to arrive, it is important to remember that you will generally have a 12 or 18-month broadband contract paid monthly which you can deduct that £66 off the overall broadband price.

Make sure you search the internet for any voucher codes for Plusnet Broadband before going through the checkout, there can often be some great deals out there although not all can be used in conjunction with existing offers or cashback claims.

Plusnet is one of the most recognised broadband providers and brands due to their excellent marketing and great deals. Plusnet is often the cheapest provider and despite sometimes have low bandwidth caps they are still great value. Make sure you check your broadband speed and see what Plusnet Broadband deals are available to you.


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