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7 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Broadband Service Provider

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The internet boom has changed the lives of many around the world. It has changed the way we work, live and think. We are sure that you’ve heard or read a similar statement somewhere else but have you taken some time out to look back at how the internet technology has truly changed our world. We would not discuss this here. This subject is covered deeply in Michel Lewis’ book ‘Next: The Future Just Happened’. Here we will inform you about 7 things that you must consider and pay heed to before you select your broadband service provider.

1. Speed of the Broadband

This probably is the most important thing that you must pay attention to. If you are looking for a super high-speed broadband then probably fibre-optic broadband is the answer to your prayers. Cable modems are also popular but its speed is not as one would experience with a fibre optic broadband. With a cable modem, you will be able to get around 20 Mbps, however with a fibre optic broadband you can enjoy up to 50Mbps of broadband speed. Whoa! That's a heck of a speed. Remember that nothing beats a Fibre Optic Service (FiOS) however, it is not available in all the areas of the UK.

2. Broadband Connectivity

Apart from the speed, consistency of the connection should also be considered before selecting a broadband service provider. This is why you must ask the broadband company about their bandwidth connectivity. This will give you an idea of whether you will be able to enjoy the internet at a seamless speed or not. Also, inquire about any monthly caps before you subscribe to any broadband service. Many broadband service providers do put a data cap on the customer. Stay away from such services if you are a regular Netflix user because you will reach data cap soon and will have to pay some additional amount for resuming the service.

3. Ask Your Friends and Family for their Opinion

Do not underestimate the power of ‘word of mouth’. Ask your relatives and friends if they are using a broadband service currently and what its results are so far. You will get a detailed review of the broadband provider company by asking around. After that, you should also determine your internet usage. If you just need the internet for sending emails and surfing on the internet, then a low-speed internet will be sufficient for you. But if you want to play online HD games then, of course, a high-speed fiber-optic broadband is the right choice for you.

4. Inquire About Customer Service

No matter how the product is, if the after sales service of the company is not up to the mark then you will not be satisfied with the product over a long term period. This is why you should ask people who are the users of a broadband that how much time does it take for their query to be answered and how much time does it take for the problem to be resolved.

5. Affordability

In a race to get the best quality broadband, do not neglect your budget and how much can you afford to pay for a monthly broadband service. Remember that the expensive is not always the best in the case of broadband. You must choose on the basis of your usage. So always keep a figure in your mind and do not pay more than planned previously, otherwise you will find yourself in hot waters as the month end approaches and you are out of cash.

6. Length of Contract and Cancellation Fee

Most broadband service providers do not charge any upfront installation fee but they require a customer to stick with them for a period of one year. During this one year, it is not possible to terminate the contract and avail service from other broadband users thus, as we mentioned earlier, you must do a complete research about the internet facilities and only subscribe to it if you are satisfied with what they are offering. Also, a cancellation fee is levied by many broadband service providers if a client wishes to terminate the contract. Inquire about such fees beforehand in order to avoid any surprises afterward.

7. Differentiate Useful From the Useless

Many broadband service providers add in some extra features with the internet package. Do not fool yourself into believing that you are getting a good value for your money. Some of these extra features include personal web pages, subscription to an anti-virus program, an email address that is ISP-branded and access to a wifi hotspot. Don’t get swayed by such features, determine whether they will be useful for you or not. Only go for such options if they truly are essential in your work and will create value for you.

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